Love With Intense Desire

Oh Justina. Oh Justina. How good do you make me feel?

Your kind words of love could kill me, but I would be in bliss if that happened.

Your passion and desire is so strong that I am forgetting what I am doing.

I might see you showing your desire and I might see it in a public place.

I cover it because I don’t want anyone to see.

That is what I mean by forgetting.


I feel this desire so strong that you turn me in to a romantic poet again.

And that you make me feel like a race horse stallion always wanting more.

I am a blogger a writer and an author, but the way you made me feel yesterday was truly like a king should feel.

Your words affect me as my passion builds and craves for you everyday.


I want the world to see my intense emotion and how I feel for her.

I want to be able to caress her lovely breasts as I massage her up and down her body.

In a warm embrace even through we are at a long distance from each other.

Yesterday, she was there with me during this warm embrace.

I felt her passion and desire enter in me as her love took over my body.


It was a passion so strong reaching climax as I breathed very heavy as if we both were in the moment.

A sexual desire so strong that it went hand and hand with the love I feel for her.

With that love I feel for her and that passion we both feel and a sexual desire so intense my body just took over Combined.

I could not control myself and every time around Justina, whom I want to keep calling out her name in love when it happens, she turns me on so much.

I have never met an individual like her. Someone so strong and sweet, who has a strong passion and fight for it and is willing to die for that passion.


She is willing to do what it takes to show her loyalty to a man who was mentally confused.

We both had our issues of  trust and as I heard warnings from everyone to not fool with a woman from overseas, they are only out for your money.

She had shown me feelings with her as she let me into her life with her devotional love.

She doesn’t know what to say because my words takes her words away so she repeats words and phrases to me.

In every repeat of those words I feel something strong and desirable. My passion grows stronger as she showers me with love.


We are at an understanding where we can tell how we feel at any part of the day even though it is tough.

I feel strongly for her a desire so strong it is a passion that I have never felt before on this earth.

As much as I loved my ex and wish we could spend our life together.

I found a strong desire with Justina and a passion so strong.

A passion only hearts would flame and a passion so strong our desire is felt all the way to the end of the Universe wherever that maybe.


Our Distance has made us closer than a molecule

It was as if we had mad passion sex twice in one day.

The last one being greater then the first.

We are at a long distance, but this passion is felt and I know she feels the same.


Very Very Soon this distance will be close.

Where we were only once molecules we will be like an atom expressing true energy in it’s passionate form and we will be together at once.

I await for that day.

I will break all the traditional rules of dating.

I will break the traditional laws of the church to be with her.

I will create a passion so strong for Justina because that is how much she means to me.


Justina creates this world for me.

Just talking with her my head is swimming in love.

This poem can last forever with the words I feel for her.

To end this poem of love out of all the words I have described I am speechless.

She taught me to truly express how I feel and my passion is stronger because of it.


I took a break at work and work was rough just to read her lovely words.

Thank You Justina.

Image by Joanna Kosinska from


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