The Heartache of Distance

Distance in Love can be Painful.

At times you want them there so you can hold them

Or drink Wine with them all night before love,

But the distance  leaves a heartache to be met.


When passion leaves you from a distance to the one you care for.

There passion is felt and it is as if you are on cloud nine.

You would be willing to do anything for that individual because the love is strong.

It strong then the feeling of love.

And  moments will leave them speechless because they are apart and they truly want that embrace and feel the true passion of love.


They are perfect in everyway yet the road is built on faith.

Others may not see his point of view, but love has overcome him and she has love towards him.


It is said that love can be the greatest illusion of all.

I kept on trying to tell that to wake up from my dream state, but I wondered if it is real or not. How can I trust someone from a distance?

Then her heart understands me and envisions that life with us and we feel that passion and pain when we are not with each other.

It is torture, but not being able to hold the one you truly love is hard.

It was said to not waste your time with love.


But I truly believe in love. I believe it is real. Sometimes we search our whole lives finding the ones for us, but we have to be willing to make it a reality and not a dream.

Sometimes you got to be willing to go against the grain and help that person cross the distance. If you know it’s true.

It would be a tragedy if love never got off the ground because of that doubt that runs through the mind.

Yes there are some cases where you would doubt, and I did doubt.

I believe that this feeling I felt for her wasn’t as real as I could have imagined.

I doubted, but she has made me believe in her. Showering me with love everyday it could only be in a dream.

And as she said she is falling and just let her keep going over me.

I have fallen for her.


As much as I like I can’t hide those emotions I feel for her.

And I want her.

I can’t hide these feelings I feel for you.

And we need to keep each other strong.


One day will face the heartache of love and we will have that embrace.

We will hold, love and touch each other in a way we have never experienced before.

I don’t know if I want to come down from the roller coaster, but it will be a rush.

I know other will say I love you and don’t mean it, but I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU

I await for us to be together.


Image by Andrew Collins from








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