My Vacation at the KOA Campgrounds in the Pocano Mountains in PA

Going on vacation can be fun and in a trip there is that one person that gets on your nerves, rather it is an annoying kid, a bossy parent, or an asshole friend. The typical friend that gets on you nerves. The one said the idea of camping is to go camping on the ground and sleep in a tent on rocks, where my friend John slept on three big rocks and had a moth attack him after my friend flinged the moth off of him and it flew on him. Poor John had slept in his car the first night.

My friend felt the idea of camping was to sleep in a tent, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to fork over money just for that upgrade. So that is what we did and we got a cabin.

Camping was fun this trip and my friend John had drove and yes we did drink when we were up and had fun. I normally don’t drink, but I had fun drinking on the trip. I was not driving. Had I drove I would not have a single beer so this was my time to relax and have fun. My idea of drinking is having fun, but if you have a problem you can go get help there are groups around.

So when my asshole friend took a video of the group during a game of beer pong and said he and I were getting hammered I took off my fun cap and took offense. I am supposed to set an example and I don’t want the people I help to see me in that light. What does that say to them and those that you lead. My friend blatently put a video up of me in this light. To think I can’t have fun with friends and relax and I don’t get a chance to relax. I get paranoid about safety and setting an example for good reason.

I kept to my word I was going to drink on the trip and I did. And I wanted to be a man of my word. When I do something I do it.

The fact is I have a lot of pressure on me and I needed to relax on the trip. I recently went on the trip because I went through a break up. The fact is I didn’t need someone posting a video of me just because they were being funny and trying to embarrass me because they thought they were being funny.

Also, another experience on the trip, when I tried to find my way to the campground only finding the cabin after taking the long way to the bathroom I got lost and couldn’t find it in the dark. So I heard this same friends voice, I’d figure if I could find him, I could find where it was and I wouldn’t be roaming the campgrounds at night where anything could happen to me. You think this friend would understand and be helpful and understanding. The asshole laughed at me and accused me of being drunk, when he didn’t know the truth and he wouldn’t listen there is no reasoning with him. He has no shame and no fear if he wants to be an asshole and put you down he will and he wonders why people react to him the way they do. I might be venting, but this was my camping experience.

Where their is one friend that won’t help, their will be two that will make it fun for me. My friends Ben and John had fun and enjoyed their trip. They did podcasts and took over The Joseph Evaldi Podcast. Some episodes are here.

The Male Perspective on Relationships

Anything Goes from the KOA Campgrounds in the Pocanos with John and Ben

Also, me and John played the worst game possible of Kan Jam where we had to retire the game do to poor play on John’s part and Really bad play on my part.

When we played Beer Pong we played for the last beer because their were none left and my team won. Unfortunately I was paired with the person I had problems with.

I had fun on the trip and like or not that person made my trip interesting to say the least and was resourceful even though he needed assistance.

I also spent my time late at night when everyone was sleeping talking to someone who I admire from a distance away. We had connected more so on a person level. I might be going on blind faith, but it is a chance worth taking.

She gave me support when I needed it and was there for me when everything was dark. It would have been more romantic had she been there with me.

On a good note of the trip, I did rescue some kids on a raft from who floated to the deep end. They were on the deep end of the pool and couldn’t get out I saw the situation stepped on the ladder and through my body and the raft feel in the pool caught my balance and swam to safety.

It was an interesting trip. I know that they were all enjoying themselves. I know I didn’t discuss Ben and John that much, but they had fun and enjoyed themselves.

For once I felt I did something fun. My legs hurt, I might be grumpier after the trip, I have sun burn on the back of my neck and I might have been bitten by bugs through my body. However, I did enjoy myself. It was a fun trip and would do it again.

I had fun and relaxed when I could even though I was busy. I wish she was there with me and you know how you are. But it was a guy bonding trip. Sure I took offense to that video and got paranoid a little, but nowadays you get trouble for every little thing, but when your on vacation you’ve got to relax and have fun, that’s what I did. I laughed until I got serious. I might have not seen eye to eye with that person and he might have called me wierdo with glasses behind my back without him being aware that I heard him, but he and my friend made the trip very interesting.

We got along and despite a prick who promoted himself on my podcast who promoted himself on my Podcast and gave a shout out to all the ladies, he made the trip fun. And my friends John and Ben made that Podcast fun. It was a change of pace. With me talking I am serious and that is good, having them on the Podcast made it fun and made me have fun with it.

This was my experience on the trip with friends and I enjoyed myself Thank You KOA Campgrounds.

Image by Joseph Evaldi from KOA Campground Cabin with John

3 thoughts on “My Vacation at the KOA Campgrounds in the Pocano Mountains in PA

  1. wow lovely Joe sound interesting we thank Almighty God that you are home safety Joe.. lovely Trip

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