He fights for a love and loses.

He finds someone who is to good to be true.

He has to check if it is a dream or reality.

He is inspired by her every word.


She has restored the idea of being faithful and waiting for love.

The idea that someone can be so sweet that your emotions are felt even when worlds apart.

You have a feeling of how love used to be only in an illusion it is real.

You can dance over a river only to know it is real.


One love carries you through that moment when you lie a rose next to her by the river.

In one romantic embrace.

Who cares about the rules, express love the way it was meant.

Let’s dance for the night and dance by the River Rose.

Make it meaningful and make it full of love.

Let have that embrace, that touch that we so desire.


Love is meant to be lived.

Maybe many lose sight of love rather it is in France, Turkey, Africa, or the USA.

Maybe the message is echoed through the world and never felt, but the message is coming alive in every horror and every pain.

This is not the world we want.

We want to have that love that I have and we have.

Even though worlds apart our distance will become close and we will have that embrace or touch.

We will let the world’s troubles fade when we are together and we will be like a child again.

We will experience the bliss of love as we have felt and she will be in my arms.

And we will have that embrace in that river as we once did long before here, but this this I will leave a rose and never leave your side.


Image by Joanna Kosinska from unsplash.com



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