The Power of Saying I Thank You

Many years ago and you can check the archives of this site. I was writing about gratitude in what am I grateful for. I was in appreciation in things in life, but I felt that I had forced it. I felt that I wasn’t in complete gratitude. I didn’t have that genuine appreciation to tell people in person Thank You for helping me.

We go through life taking in it day by day, but never truly appreciating the value that someone has given you, maybe they were there to hear you pissed off at the world when you were going through your break up. Maybe they were there at work when you were ready to break down because it was heart felt pain. Maybe they told you of a story about change that you still think of today. Maybe you saw their smile and it kept you going at a state that would change you for a day. Maybe it was that friend that took you under their wing after you went through hell. Or even a brother who took their time and effort out being that brother who taught you about values of hard work and life in order to survive. Or parents that gave a roof over your head knowing you are financially struggling.

On the sad note, Maybe it was a friend who you dedicated a good portion of your life and you were there and listen to one another being there, it was only unfortunate that this had turned to abuse despite what that person will say. This experience had made me grow, it had made me read and improve myself. I started going out with someone and even though we didn’t connect at a level I would imagine we cheered each other up through the values of life and were there with each other everyday and for that I thank you.

Maybe it was someone I met online who when I was starting to love myself and life taught me to love in life again and kept the passion alive in me everyday and fighting you have been perfect to me, you have done what I ask of you and you have let me know how you feel for me. And the simple words I Love You are more than any words in the vocabulary that we speak or may say. I know we have a feeling stronger than love and I know it is real and I have said it, but haven’t said it in public, but I want to say Thank You.

Before I was angry at life. I felt that life wasn’t worth fighting for or caring. I didn’t care about myself when I was younger and thought how I could make any difference in the world, nonetheless my inner circle. I never had the woman when I was younger, I was heavily picked on Freshman year with the exception of two people one that I am good friends with now and I was bullied to bringing up the lunches for my lunch table everyday. At one point I could have left the table and went to a new one, but a part of me wanted to go there and finish the year at that table so I did. I know I earned their respect because I could take so much punishment get teased getting picked and everything else and you know who you are. You all humbled me then, but my fight is stronger and I could withstand the punishment of that hell. For that I want to thank you.

I always try to keep an upbeat message in my writing, but nobody sees what I went through in my life and nobody has walked in my shoes. There are people in my shoes who could never recover and would fall apart and wind up in the systems, in jail, and everything else. Maybe they started with a life that they wanted to do something important, but rather their body size, their race, gender, sexual preference, or if they had a mental health problem and were different they still fight for their lives because they might have no family for them besides the system.

Say Thank You to those who care and those who love you. Say Thank You to those that matter. Their will be a time and place in this world where we will not have that opportunity and they won’t be here any more and we won’t have that chance. Live in gratitude and say the simple words Thank You.

They were the ones who say you when you were down and tried to grow you rather it was a simple gesture that they didn’t know or aware of or it was the support that people gave me that I turned to. For this very most I am grateful and you helped me to care for myself again and you helped to live life the way it was meant.

Thank You.

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