Making Love From a Distance

What constitutes to a man who had a broken life?

One wrong move everything would have been destroyed.

And an internal fight wage on with this man with his defeat.

A Path could have led him to liquor, but he hung out at a bar drinking water and non liquor Coca-Cola.


Everything needed repair.

His appearance, with a beard and long hair.

His clothing, he needed new clothing to make him feel good again.

His car, the interior of the door needs repairs.

His attitude, he was once angry at life and blaming his ex for a situation in which he had no control of what had happened as fate dealt a fatal blow.

How he took care of himself, He had let everything go, he just hung on to life.


He was wild and untamed.

He had all these emotions carrying in him and he just wanted to get out.

It was his only way he would cope with a situation from work where his heart broke

The Coffee House where he couldn’t concentrate on his writing

To The Main  where he tried to blend in with others who had worse situations then him and he blended in with his problems he had.

With his friends in and out of work where he soaked up support like a sponge.


Then somewhere in his running he started to care about himself.

Everyday he wanted to look good.

He cut his hair short and kept shaving.

Smelled good every time he went out.

Approached a woman everyday.


Most importantly he came back writing with a passion like never before.

He wrote with his heart and wrote with a feeling.

He let his words guide him through the night and carried the message of love.

In his words his passion grew. In every blog, he repaired himself.

Passion lived to the moment and passion rediscover a feeling he never had before.

Passion lives to the moment where it dances upon an unforgettable night of words and emotions were felt.


Now he has passion in him to love and love is everywhere.

In every step he takes he is willing to do things he never did before.

And passion lives in his actions and the one knows.


In life we are always on that search to find the one. It might be an unforgettable moment of words where sex and love were felt from a distance.

And words painted the picture.

Or it could last a lifetime because every embrace with that one mean something and every time you want more.

Even if you might get tired and might have to make a decision of that passion between and old love, a new love, or an unknown love that you might not expect a decision needs to be made.


It’s  a passion that is fulfilled how do you go to do what needs to be done.

How do you make that decision?

The truth is it’s where your heart lies in that decision of love and how strong you feel and how strong you are willing to fight.

We might face heartbreak and their is temptation everywhere any man or woman can fall to another and if you are at a distance, you have to fight like hell to keep that love alive.


When hearts are on fire and passion is felt.

You live for that moment and you will do everything in your power to recreate it.

Stop recreating those moments and live in the now.

Create passion as it comes.

Create those moments that will never pass.


You might only have that one chance with love.

Who knows had we expressed how we felt and I listened we could have existed.

But just like everything else that love with that person went away and won’t return.


Never take for granted love.

Take that opportunity to say I Love You even for a brief moment.

It may mean the world.

It may mean the difference of saving a relationship and keeping it going for life or ending it for good.

Those words are felt and those words make the difference in the world.

Say those words to the one you care about.

Say I Love You.





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