Finding the Bliss at the End of Your Dream

For some they may feel they have been living a nightmare or someone else’s dreams never to live their own. You might have that ambition or dream that you might want lived, but don’t truly know where your stand until the dream is over.

In life, where do we find that bliss? Many who go to heaven it is said they feel bliss, but here on earth it is said that bliss is short lived. You are always a person or you might get upset or the other person will get upset at you. It is a nature of life, but understand there is somewhere in the world that someone is making you feel good. Rather it is in your hometown or somewhere far away.

It is true we all go through hell in life. It is true we face dilemma’s in life and it is not easy for us to live, but just work through your dreams and even if you start with nothing, even if you need to find someone to help or share that vision with it is worth it.

We face many dilemma’s, but in reality it is worth it for the bliss at the end of your dreams. We might have had a major defeat and that defeat might have had us work for love again or work harder on our dreams.

Maybe we lost sight of life. Maybe we lost sight of where we were and we had to fight like anything to move on from hell because it existed. And you weren’t prepared for life. We all have faced that feeling. Maybe we were told we would never excel or taken advantage of.

Never give up on your dream. There are people out there that share your same vision. there are books out there. And maybe you need to work hard to get there. Maybe your vision is to land the hottest celebrity to go out with if you want. You can have that wish it is not impossible.

You can have anything you wish. You can have anything you desire. I know this might be a law of attraction saying, but you need to act as Joe Vitale had said in his books clarifying the Secret. You have to act on life or life will pass you by and it might not be easy.

When I started writing and even from time to time I make mistakes like everyone else. I was an angry blogger, I vented about government, about hidden agendas, and about conspiracies. I was only feeding them energy.

There is no doubt these problems do exist and we can change how we feel towards each other in our hometown. Maybe we made that mistake we did because we thought we were being funny. Maybe we were going after someone another loved or they weren’t happy. Maybe we got fired from a job that didn’t care for us about 15-20 years of service not giving a shit about their health.

These are realities. We thought we had a vision for life. We thought life was granted for us and it wasn’t guaranteed. This is where in desperate times we seek a stronger vision for ourselves. We seek that dream that was in us since childhood. That dream that was buried away that we never fulfilled.





We might be going through our addictions in life and many will never achieve that bliss and many may just find bliss in their environments enjoying life everyday as thesacred turtle did in Patch Parables from Spirit Science. We begin to appreciate life where we are or embrace that change and settle like that turtle just to enjoy life and life around them.

It is like finding that bliss at the end of the dream and it is finding the love and appreciation of life that wasn’t there before. When we thought we had to search far away. We don’t have to look that far. It is right here.

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