Moving the Mountains of Love

Love seeks to find us everyday.

Rather we run or chase, we will find the love we seek.


Sometimes love has obstacles and sometimes we fall.

Sometimes it gives us bliss and it would have moments last a lifetime.

Sometimes love gives us pain and heartache as someone we love leaves us.

Sometimes we find passion in someone we never met before.


Love has no boundaries and love can be felt by all.

It can be felt in the most peaceful person and it can be express by the most dangerous person.

Despite whatever they say and however it is said,

The words I Love You echo in the hearts of many.


We don’t express these words often when we should.

We don’t say it to those enough.

There is pain in the world and it needs healing.

And those words can heal an aching in many.


Sometimes I wish I can climb the mountains in a metaphoric sense.

And climb the euphoria of love.

When this is expressed peace will come over me.

And love will be expressed with another.

Image by Andrew Collins from


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