Finding Your Way To Love Again

There is a process. How do you know someone is right for you after going through a breakup. You are probably like me preaching freedom to try out as many entrees on the desert tray until you find the dish you like.

We all have this on our minds. We feel love is lost in the beginning and then something sparks our interest again. It could be a conversation we had or the constant conversation. It could be something that makes you want to love again. Love enters in when you love yourself and love starts to find you.

Many might not agree and they may feel that this doesn’t happen, but it has. I guess many try to cling on to love that may not be there any more, but they try to recapture a feeling rather then letting time pass.

And through that search you weed out the options available and you would think who would be good for you and not. But the simple words, the simple meaning and the simple feeling. A feeling to change your mind how you felt. You see the potential that exists with love and you see the potential of a possible partner.

This is something that many think of that changes your mind and you change your mind with a decision that needs to be made. You can enjoy your time with your friends, but at the same time give that chance to the one that is fighting for you and keeping love alive.

Through words and only words, they are felt and they radiate through the night as they talk. They keep love going at a distance and they fight for love within their words. Love is emotion that is felt. And at the beginning is expressed.

Many may leave that relationship to feel that feeling before, but if you love yourself, you can create that emotion of love again. You can be the person they feel in love with. If they don’t want you then you move on. Don’t hold on to that feeling of what was. Sometimes we cling on to long and it only tears us up.

Sometimes we run away when we are needed the most. In finding love we cling on to these feelings. That is why we are searching an entree dish after awhile and trying to find the one that serves us. And when we do, we make love work and grow through the pain. We make love survive and grow with the changes. And we accept the partner for the decision they made.

I never thought my relationship would end, but I found people who helped me learn to love again and I thank them for their help.

Love always exists and it is something that is expressed. When we live in a hateful revengeful society we don’t experience this love and we juggle our romances rather then being honest with them on what we are going through.

Although our ex may put us down for our beliefs we have to follow through on how we love and go on our feelings. Whatever we say or feel even if it’s one night or to last a lifetime. These feelings of love are felt. We maybe the love that is needed at the time.

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