My Thoughts on Love Has No Labels By John Cena



One year ago, when Donald Trump made a speech when he ran. He spoke of a frightening vision in a blog where me and every American reacted. I reacted in hate. I guess I had a little prejudice towards the Indians from India who live in this country, but not all. The stereotype is that they come across as pushy and persistence and if you are not used to that you get agitated and blame a portion of the group. Also, I was driving in Iselin, NJ and I felt they were riding me from behind all the time on the road when dropping my ex off.

Not understanding there culture I reacted and wrote a blog not only blaming them, but all groups. We all make mistakes had I been hearing the wrong message all the time. When you hear hate messages of one group all the time based on another person situation, you react and all my frustrations came and I reacted to writing that blog that I deleted. I had regret for what I wrote and I felt like most Americans at the time. We have been censored for so long about our prejudices that we are afraid to talk it out.

Now with Trump running a frightening message for America takes place, but within this year I learned Love is stronger then any label, any war, any terrorist organization, any political group, any hidden agenda, or any race, creed or gender.

John Cena speaks a message. We are a melting pot in America and we have made many mistakes, but we grew as a country. We grew with these prejudices. And we worked to correct them rather it was the mistreatment of the Natives, the idea of slavery, and the equality of women.

We have grown from our mistakes and perhaps we have a new vision for America, when some are defending the old, but we will grow again.

Many are taught to hate based on their situations and mistreatment. When we spread hate it comes to us. And love works the same way. It’s just we live in a rough cruel world where people will kill you for your beliefs or just for wearing the wrong color.

Love has no boundaries and no limits. It spreads through the world. But we have been taught early to kill the enemy. Rather than making peace.

Martin Luther King Jr. said it the best when he had a dream for a vision of America, but we are still trying to live up to that vision. We aren’t living it to fulfillment. We are trained to hate the other group still without truly understanding them.

“Love has no Limits” We are America. And either in this country or out of the country we need to respect this land. Some People don’t subscribe to those values. People feel we have to live in a world of hate and there is a separation when we are all fighting the same enemy everyday.

That enemy isn’t government, it isn’t ISIS, it isn’t the USA, it isn’t our churches, or anything else. Our biggest enemy is ourselves and if we don’t learn to love ourselves, we will never learn to love ourselves. If we don’t go through that pain we feel we will not make ourselves stronger individuals.

“Love has No Limits” as John Cena said and we need to respect that, but before we learn to love again, we need to learn to love ourselves and appreciate our lives.

Love will spread rather it is through these words, through John Cena’s words, through another gender’s words, or whatever orientation male or female. Love will spread. When we hate, there is a part of ourselves we don’t accept and we have to accept it and own.

Hitler never accepted the fact he was part Jewish and he exterminated 6 million plus Jews in the concentration camp. Only if he truly loved imagine the good he could have done, but we will never know.

Love yourself and you will learn to love the world and you will love every American in the USA even if you disagree with them or not.

When someone chants USA it means something and it means something more. It is who we are. It is our identity. It might not be what it was, but what it could be.

So the next time you see someone in the streets, a coffee house, a restaurant, a bar, or wherever you go. They are in America and say hi to them and welcome them into the country even if they have been here for awhile welcome them for being here.

Give America the Welcoming experience, maybe they are passing through, Give that impression that America is love and spread it.

People don’t do that anymore or are afraid of themselves or the other and they keep to themselves and they hate even though they don’t show it. They are not welcoming.

Is this the Image of America we want.

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