The Inner Need to be Free and Express Love

Maybe it was from a bygone era in the 60’s where they freely expressed love and enjoyed life and themselves. But now everything is done secretly and people are afraid to tell their loved ones that they are interested in more then one women or a women with a man. What is that nature of being free? What is the nature of love to know how I would express love.

Love with someone means expressing with romance and sex. And enjoying that connection for a few moments and embracing the moment between the two.

Spiritual love is where you are in love with someone knowing you can’t be with them for whatever reason. Spiritual love is wherever word, every meaning and every emotion gives life to that relationship. It is a feeling where you accept the other to be free in a relationship because you don’t deny them the pleasures life has to offer. It is a feeling of comfort and trust between the two. You know one day you will be together and if not, you will never forget that time you spent together even if you were never romantically together, but your emotions carry on with that one love.

This is no knock on the others in life, they are special in the hearts of the one they are with. As I discussed in the previous blogs, many are afraid to express that love for someone. They don’t tell the truth of what they are looking for and they wind up in relationship where they are prisoners and they are afraid to seek love and they sneak around and get caught. The betrayal hurts more the actual act.

I was going on with stick to my morals and just one woman. But to be open, I have approached other woman and have met someone special, but I can’t be with that person at this moment. And it is like someone told me through message from comment from a blog and it got me thinking. They love someone and they are separated and can’t be together, but there love is dear if anyone can express. And at the same time you want to express love with others because it will make the love better when you meet again. And in case you will never meet, your partner has never denied to love again.

I don’t see being with someone else as disrespect as some might think, it’s just when boundaries aren’t set. When you are married with that person it is based on trust and a sole commitment, but that commitment isn’t being respected anymore and in other words the rules have changes. Do to the online game. Someone can be sexting with the one you are with and it will hurt more even end what would have been a marriage and thrown away for one act because that person was going through a rough time and couldn’t offer that love at that time. Rather then being open and honest and saying what is going on, they play games and are not honest. This deception will ruin everything.

This is why I say if you are going to be with someone, tell me and be honest rather then playing games that will utterly ruin a love or a relationship. Utterly they don’t know what they lost and have done to the other person because of the act. If they are men they become players.

And I once heard Booker T say when he was in WCW, “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game.” and it is true.

Love can be a dirty game and it also can be a beautiful game we play. There is dealing with that emotion of love.

Someone will always try to steal your love away from you rather it is their selfish interests and thinking about how many women they can bang, not caring about how many people they screw over, but the way I look at it is, it all about respect and it has been an animal game that has been going on since the beginning of time and as I’ve said it deals with survival and who will have their offspring carry on.

A viable mate will do that and people will sneak around or be obvious depending what they want to do. It’s these traits that has made people survive over many generations. Many people had to sneak around because maybe they didn’t have those aggressive dominant genes and weren’t physically tough. Maybe they had to be tough. And while all other guys were jealous of that one man, they couldn’t deny that their love with their women was better then better. Because these men make that woman feel special and that is something other men don’t do.

Other men feel you need to get women drink to have sex, I’m not saying it is not wrong to have wine with the one you love or are with, but men use alcohol to have them get what they want or many men are used to buy alcohol for women depending on the situation.

Love is not earned through words and romance. Love is not earned by true emotion and feeling. Love is not earned by charisma and being able to stand out amongst the pact.

I have to ask what makes you stand out and what makes you want to be free. Many people go on everyday with out experiencing love and now they hide their love and they might madly love someone, but lie to the one they are with. Love and trust are important. As I have mentioned it is taking the higher road.

The higher road isn’t traveled by most and you could have whatever you want in society with taking the higher road, but many take the low road and cheat their love and cheat with their emotions and cheat. Many are worry they might hurt their lover if they tell them the truth.

Honesty is the higher road and it is the responsibility of being free. On a final note, yesterday was Independence Day in America and with Freedom their always is a price. If you want to freely be in love with people, you have to pay that price and be respectful. Many people aren’t and it ruins lives. Be honest in the beginning tell them what you want. They will respect you in the end.

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