“The Pursuit of Happiness” The USA Way

Although this maybe a country of rules, regulations, and stipulations in the legal system through out history. We do have freedom and this is a day to celebrate and remember just as we do have freedom, it can be taken away from us.

USA was born on a single idea and although it has grown and lost some of those ideas that started America, but one value that Thomas Jefferson wrote in The Declaration of Independence and I believe exists. It is “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

Happiness in fulfilling any dream is not given, you have to go out and fight for it. In the beginning of this country many didn’t want to change from the British way of life and how some live today that maybe prevalent. However, some wanted that change. They wanted to live in a country where they had their rights to persue their dreams and be happy.

The beginning way of life was hard. They had to deal with diplomacy from other countries and they were just growing, but had the British to contend with.

These words “The Pursuit of Happiness” was a self fulfilling prophecy for everyone who entered in this country that wanted to make it. They weren’t told they couldn’t make it and they made it. They strived through hard times like every American in the beginning of this country.

This was a statement for the direction America was going. It said, if you wanted it bad enough, if you fought hard and if you believed strong and were willing to fight and die for what you believe in you can achieve your goal. And at that day they fought and died for this country that’s why we respect the troops for what they do.

I live by this value. That is why I still write my words even if it is to reach a few. It is why I share my passion for what I love everyday. Rather it is in blogs, podcasts, books, counseling, or any area of my life. Some maybe tough but this is the nature of pursuing a dream and pursuing happiness.

I once started with little supporters and now it has grown. It shows if you believe in something strong enough people will get on board with your dream and mission in life.

Thomas Jefferson wrote eloquently those words, “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Many get frustrated and give up on their dreams and live life in regret. Don’t regret in life. If you lose everything start again and fight to keep that dream alive. It is something that makes you live the passion that you want.

USA is a country to build this dream and these words by Thomas Jefferson should be remembered and respected.

It is that dream I live by and I hope many Americans or soon to be Americans respect those words by Thomas Jefferson.

Image by Noah Grezlak from unsplash.com

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