Monthly Update for July 2016

I’m going to give every one an update on what has gone on the previous month and what will go on next month for this blog and this writing.

As many of you know I have recently been working on writing relationship blogs for the past month. From the good response I have been getting from others, these blogs will continue. When I write, I write with passion and I pour my all in it. I don’t hold back. I once heard, you have to be willing to put out whatever you wish to receive. Sometimes in doesn’t always happen like this but, expressing what you believe will help.

I feel my insight on relationships has helped others. Some have disagreed, but I just live by experience and I’ve had good friends who have helped me through my situation and help me get my confidence up. They have helped me to work on something special with the one I will love.

I have the cover for my Kindle Book, Kindle Your Writing, but just as everything in life is there has been a delay in the book. I had it finished and ready to go. Waited for the cover and it was ready to be released saved it on a disk drive. Now I have the cover, but the disk drive erased. didn’t lose it all I backed up a little of it. But I was saved as I just found out I have the document saved because I email it to someone I know. I will keep you posted on the release date of this book. It is finally going to be ready to be released and I will let you know the release date when it comes out.

What’s in store for this month for the blog, my writing, and everything else? First I want to welcome Justina who will be writing as honestjme111 for this blog. She is a brand new writer and has passion in her words. She wishes to share those words with everyone. She will be writing on love and relationships, gratitude, passion and inspiration. I feel another writer to this site will add a different perspective to this blog as it grows.

We all change perspectives every year. I didn’t plan on writing on relationships. I was head strung into writing about business last year or that was my mindset, but things changed and my passion began to grow after a lost relationship. However, just a few months later after the break up I feel my passion growing stronger and stronger and it is like the beast that can’t be contained.

This will inspire me to write the blogs that need to be made. It will inspire me to seize the day and live. Rather it is me writing on what I desire or enjoying life the way I know how to. Everybody enjoys life in a different way. And although people may say writing at coffee houses isn’t enjoyment why do you do it?

The fact is I love writing it is my passion and it is my desire and I wish to share that desire with everyone. For those of you that stuck with me through my hard times I thank you and send love to the other person to. We are trying to move on with our lives and difficult as it maybe. She did mean the world to me even though I was venting out frustration in the beginning, but as I come to realize life puts us on different paths for a reason.

Even though there is always hope in a situation, but just like two blogs ago there is a dilemma between the two. And I will be with the one who will choose to fight for me and that opportunity is always open.

I look forward to producing more blogs for everyone. And produce material for everyone and the best is yet to come.

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