Expressing Passion in Love

The Story of Zorro showed someone that was a romantic who wore the mask to fight for what he believed in. He also took off the mask to blend into the functions where his charm and dance would romance any woman. He was an enigmatic person who exemplified the meaning of passion.

Even though it is in the movies, Passion like this still exists. When we are with that person the passion never grows stale it always lives. Rather it is in words, feelings, emotions or in love.

Passion is something that we live for. It is something that we are willing to fight for and die for. Die in the sense of heartbreak.

Many of us lose that feeling of love and might settle with life and who we are wish, when deep down inside we might be miserable with the one we are wish. We might have that strong desire and passion to be with someone new. Your heart calls to make you live. Your heart makes you alive to love and fight for what you believe in.

This is why many couples fight for that passion and many times it loses it’s passion or was never there in the first place. Then you meet someone new or develop that passion inside you and you wish to share. You wish to express all that is inside you no matter wherever you go. It’s the passion for love that makes you live and it the passion that is unspeakable.

You have that passion within you and you just want to make love with them and more because it’s how you truly feel at that moment. We c an feel this still with the one we are with we just have to charm them and make them fall in love with us if we wish. Maybe it’s gone. And then you find someone new.

You might be without sex for more then a year and your spirit might take a hit, but you will find that passion and desire to love again and attract who you wish once the healing process is over.

Passion in love can be expressed in emotion and physicality. Physicality by the romantic touch, the hug and the kiss of someone you love. It makes the world to that person in expression and it makes the world for the one you are with.

One day I will experience that passionate kiss with someone I love again and it will mean the world. In the meantime, I will create the passion within. Through every blog, every podcast, every book I might right, and how I live. I might get discouraged at times, but I will express how I truly feel or have my words do the talking.

My Passion will be expressed and I will show that Love is not a lost emotion and that Love is a lively emotion that still exist with everyone.

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