Dealing with the Dilemma of Past and Present Love, “Rebound”

Sometimes we get in relationships and it gets stale and we might lose that person because of it. Some will say it was good that it happened and you are better off, but did you truly give you all and show that passion and make the other love you. Did you show that heart and express how you feel. Did you truly love that person? Or say kind things to that person. Or tell them how much they are appreciated. Did you tell them I Love You when it really counted.

Do we have that passion for the one we love and are we not afraid to stand up for ourselves when needs to even if we are wrong. Sometimes we do say or do hurtful things and we may be wrong in doing so, but in relationships it never is perfect. God knows I made my many mistakes in my past relationship and how can she love me when I was into myself all the time. I was always afraid to speak the way I speak now and I am not afraid anymore.

The fact is we have to be willing to face the hardships even if we have lost that person in love. Because there might be someone better that comes a long for you. Losing love hurts and I know. Your with them for many years and you think you are over it, but you keep that thought going on, but meanwhile you move on because you know the one you are talking to can offer you the world and back.

This is always a dilemma in passion for someone. You are torn in two direction. You just want the one you were with to give you one ounce of fight any little bit of fight for you that the other person shows for you and it stings. Because your carrying on that hurt and pain on the inside especially when that person didn’t say anything to fight for that love.

People go through this pain everyday and sometimes they hurt someone they don’t want to hurt that truly cares for them because they are clinging on to old emotions. Old emotions never die. They only go through the aches and pains through the cycle. It’s why People want to jump into the next relationship after a breakup as what an old friend Meg Wilkinson sings in her song Rebound. Rebound by Meg Wilkinson can be found here

In it she talks about how a guys heart is broken from love and want to be with her after a breakup, but she is stronger then just being with them after their breakup. She doesn’t want to be that person.

That’s why I was advised not to go after anyone after my break up, I was not over my breakup and I was going through a sea of emotions that it was hard to control. Going breakup are tough and I went after women after my breakup to and I’m glad it didn’t work out. I would have wound up with worse situations because I didn’t respect myself at the time. Now I grow everyday and I am still talking to women, but one in particular. I fight for the past, the present, and the future. Eventually I’m going have to let the past go and enjoy the moment.

Men are at a hurt state after the relationship and they are very needy. They need a woman to talk to. It is a women that can heal their soul they think. But it is doing the things they love and put more passion into doing what they love.

It is why I have discovered my passion. It is why I discovered who I am. To be a stronger person and to stand my ground. To fight for what you believe in. To fight for life and the love you desire. To fight for everything that makes life work. And fight for the one you will love.

We don’t feel like this after a breakup. We have waves of emotion pass us, we might even feel like going through a path of drinking alcohol, but Thank God I had the support I did and I remained strong. I remained strong and didn’t fall as much as the temptation was there. Yes I did go to a bar, but I needed the company because they were going to pain that I related to. I just drank soda and water. Wound up talking to someone after a breakup, but it would have never worked out. I’ll admit I was vulnerable at the time and I was not myself. I didn’t hold myself to the standards that I do now.

I would be upset at every little detail and vent, but it is my fight and passion in expression that makes me alive. It is my fight to write these words every day. Rather it is in a book or it is in a blog or even in my Podcast. I show my passion. I might have woman try to put doubt in my mind, but it is not them that get me to doubt. It is me that gets me to doubt because I let it. And the Truth is we have to face those fears and grow strong no matter what situation is there. We may find someone we have liked before and act on it out of bad circumstances without actually doing some healing and as painful as it is and I know you go after the first person you meet because you feel they will give you attention.

And it is bringing everything old in that new situation. As much as it hurts for people, it exists and they need that person, when they need to do soul searching.

When you rise above that situation you grow stronger and when you fight for life and you do the things you need to improve yourself and when you take care of yourself and when you do what you love no matter what other people tell you. You will be strong in any situation and you will find the love you desire. Like I will.

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