The Power of Words and Silence

Sometimes we can speak the world and tell a message with our words and sometimes we speak with silence. We may say the words I Love You and mean it and make that persons day. At the same time we can say the words I Hate You and make that person not feel good inside.

Words can convey a message of hurt or it can convey a message of passion. It can tell a story of many words without saying one single word. We communicate in this world. It can rally the world on your side and it can do harm like leaders have done in the past. It can spread a message of love that will shake the foundations of this world and it exists.

Sometimes when we speak or don’t speak we convey that message. It can be a confusing message and it can be to the point. We may feel really good about a situation and wish to convey it and the message maybe received with hate. And at the same time we may say something and it will be received with love.

We should never be afraid to speak. In this world right now we are censored, but speak through our blogs. We are afraid to tell our bosses how we feel and they don’t respect us for our words. I was at a retail job and they weren’t giving me hours for a reason they said their were none to give. I stood up for myself and spoke how I felt and then after they weren’t giving me what I was looking for I walked out left my two weeks and followed through with a job that respected me.

Sometimes they communicate with words and sometimes they might not make you accepted by not speaking to you and making you feel like you are not better because of some kind of position or who they are in the hierarchy.

They might get scarred of words. Because words can tell the truth and sometimes people might not be able to face the truth themselves. Sometimes they are to afraid to say the words I Love You to fight for what they believe in and they let something that was once good die in front of them.

We live in a world based on fear. Rather it is the word Terror that I despise because that is all they talk about on TV and I know other countries spread hate to. As a result, we are afraid to go anywhere and stay at home. We don’t even know what is going on overseas until we find out. Hate created groups out of hate and it has been going on throughout centuries. All because they whatever group they are and they speak a message of destruction and it goes through the souls of others.

And words can be a true Terror, rather we see it in the news or we experience it through the negativity and hatred from another. The balance isn’t there in the world anymore. People used to be able to fight for what they believe and rally troops with their mere words and they fought for what they believed in. Would they be called terrorists. USA fought for what they believed in against the British would they be terrorist.

The fact is when you fight for a noble cause and you are honorable and you convey the message with words and speak of love and respect it is a message that needs to be heard. We fail to hear these messages or speak of these words anymore because we are afraid of what someone might say.

People use words to scare us, but rise above that fear. Do what you love and follow your dream. You might fail along the way, but it’s worth trying. You might lose everything you own or your family, but following through on a dream is something that fulfills your soul.

When you speak make it a message that you believe in and say Fuck You to people who tell you otherwise. It is people like them that don’t want you to succeed. They are people that don’t want you to follow your dreams.

I usually don’t curse, but I am conveying a message with my words. I am expressing the words that need to be expressed. We shouldn’t face the fear of other groups or individuals and agendas. We should do and say what we feel is right. Without our words we are prisoner of a world that exists now.

If you feel strongly about something express it and fight for your beliefs. Stand up for what you believe in if you or someone is being mistreated speak up. Many injustices happen in front of our face and we shouldn’t accept anything from it.

I used to be afraid to stand up for what I believe in. It usually was seen as a sign of rebellion, but as I once heard the words Never be afraid to ask your leaders question and question them. Because they are human like us and they need to be held accountable. When we don’t know what is going on we live and accept that fear.

We can speak our words and convey the message we wish and our truth or we can be the voiceless and criticize others for standing up for what they believe it. The voiceless have a voice to. They speak by not speaking.

Words speak volumes of the world. Rather they are in different languages or one universal one. Words can hurt someone or can save someone. Despite how you feel, which one do you want.

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