Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

I’m writing this because I have a hater who criticized me on asking people on Facebook to go to see a XMen movie. He said I was begging for someone to come out. You might have negative people like this in life putting saying don’t take chance questioning your every move and in your every move they put you down so they look good and you look like crap in front of everyone.

Don’t buy into these haters, they will be the first to put you down in whatever you do. They will be the one who insult you to your face to try to piss you off. They will be the friends who say whatever on the road when drive so you get in an accident because you don’t know the roads very well. These are friends who tell you to approach women and put you down doing it. And embarrass you in front of those women. They have no respect for who you are and you know who you truly are.

The fact is in life you can’t be afraid to ask. And this means for relationships. So what she might have a boyfriend or she might not be interested in you. And you might feel that rejection, but you will get over it. You might put out a request to all your Facebook friends and they might all turn you down and not even comment or they might put you down like a Facebook friend, but don’t be afraid to ask. And so what the worst thing that can happen is that you go alone. What a greater shame then that. Nobody to give you a headache.

We are hell bent on society and we are afraid to take chances and ask. We are afraid to take chances. We stay within our comfort zone and not let anything get in the way. I might make dates with a 100 women and so what if 99 don’t show. I know one will. I know one will show after a broken heart and they will fight for me.

But we lose these values in the world. They are not seen any more. They are trapped in a world full of people who say you are a loser for approaching 100 women, but they don’t know it only takes one who will make you the biggest success in the world. It takes that one that you will be willing to fight for.

The fact is I’m not afraid to fail. I’m not afraid to put my words out. I’m not afraid if only one person reads this because that will be a success to me. It is that one person that I reach that I will inspire to have that good relationship, that passion to do what they love in life.

It’s people like I mentioned in this blog who will laugh at you for approaching 100 women that will never be happy in life. They may think they know what happiness is and they learn to criticize and pretend they are helping when they hurt you and they know it. They will never know it only takes one woman to make me happy, but I could live without that women if I want to because I love myself.

Maybe this person doesn’t love themself. Maybe they are afraid. Maybe they need someone to pick on and put down because it makes them feel better about themselves. Maybe they need to be with many women at once and show no respect for them so he can get whatever he wants. There is no honor amongst that.

People who are upfront and honest what they are looking for and say I am going out and this may hurt you but I’m doing it anyway. It is taking the higher road. But that was probably discussed in another blog.

Bottom line in life don’t be afraid to ask. Life is to short to waste on being afraid. You could listen to these people thatĀ put you down and say you are begging for asking people out and they are afraid you will have people to come out and they will feel like crap because you have people out.

Or you ask because even if it is a steep price to ask and you might be strong with your beliefs you can work with them for an even exchange and compromise.

Asking doesn’t hurt. You may have those rejections, but you will have that one that answers and it’s that one that counts.

Many people are afraid to ask and don’t buy in take that chance and challenge your situation. Introduce yourself to many people. Go on an adventure and live life. Why not challenge our status quo. We are afraid to live and we shouldn’t. We have everything on news putting us in fear and I say Fuck it. Live the moment ask what the worse they say no. Don’t listen to people who put you down. Listen to what you feel is right and ask.

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