How do You Know Your are Making a Right Decision with Relationship?

What do you do when making a decision with a relationship or in finding a relationship. How can you tell if they toy with your emotions. You are trying to do the right thing, but you are not sure if you are taking advantage of or the feelings are genuine. As a result, all of these feelings come up, but you’ve got to be true to your senses.

What holds you back from feeling these emotions and expressing if you sense something is off you express it. Sometimes it’s difficult to express your emotions because it changes all the time. And you might think the world of them, but one action shifts how you feel and you’ve got to work on your karma with that individual.

I guess some people lose their trust about someone. It is being honest with one another. Sometimes you might not be honest because we hid stuff. Some people will leave you high and dry because they don’t care and have hate in them. You believe in what you have to do. You have to believe what is right and you have to listen to your feelings on a situation.

If you feel strongly about a situation, you do it.

Sometimes decisions are tough to make. Sometimes you might make a hard decision that will leave someone hurt. Sometimes you hurt the one you don’t want to hurt. This is the nature of love. We are afraid to express that we have feelings for someone else with fear of what will happen. We are afraid of the outcome. I stood up for myself about that situation and now I worry I will do the same.

The human soul is filled with these emotions. You can go on love’s end and go on for a ride and still not find what your looking for and you may never find what you are looking for.

Sometimes love catches you by surprise a your in a dilemma and you will choose who you want to be with.

I try to be strong, but I have my weaknesses like everyone else and I try to remain strong. And it will keep me going on through whatever turmoil I go through.

As a friend said to me, “Keep your chin up, things will fall in place.” I might face those dilemmas and situations in life, but it is truly me that decides what he wants from life. We all make these decisions in life and we have to feel what’s right and see what it means to us. This is how life is and this is how love is.

When we have the heart to do many things in life we have to go and express our wishes. If we don’t we will be a prisoner of our words. But eventually the truth shall set us free as has been said.

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