Interview with Celia Bonaduce from House Hunters on HGTV



In my opinion, compromise is not as simple as “I’ll met you half way.” For one person, a longer drive might not be a big deal – he or she might love driving.  Compromise can be as simple as looking at a situation and deciding to whom it is more important.

Celia Bonaduce

A home is somewhere where you build a foundation for life. A home is somewhere where you grow. It is somewhere where you watch your family grow. It is somewhere where couples learn to make decisions about life and also how to maintain a home. I once saw a movie about a guy who lost everything and he was on a boat. He repaired his life by just taking care of the boat he was on. His boat was his home. Once he repaired his boat, he took care of himself. A Home is like this.

I am here to Interview with Celia Bonaduce, who works with the production of House Hunters and I am here to ask her questions about the importance of the home, relationships, and making a decision about the home and how they go hand and hand.

I met Celia today when she and the crew of House Hunters were shooting at The Coffee House in Edison, New Jersey.


Joe: Can you tell everyone about House Hunters for the people who don’t know about the show House Hunters and what brought you to The Coffee House?


Celia: The concept of HOUSE HUNTERS is beautifully simple – a real estate agent shows potential home buyers (or home buyer) three houses based on their wish lists. At the end of the episode, the House Hunters are turned into happy home owners.

HOUSE HUNTERS follows home buyers all over the United States and I am currently doing an episode with a couple from Edison, NJ. We try to show off the local flavor of the towns we visit and THE COFFEE HOUSE is a favorite haunt of our couple. The coffee and desserts are amazing – finding local hang-outs all over the country is a perk of the job!

Joe: How long has this show been on the air and where can you find it?

Celia: The show is on HGTV and has been going strong for over a decade.


Joe: When you think of making decisions of the home, how important is it that you respect the others opinion on making the right decision within a relationship?

Celia: While I certainly am no expert, I have witnessed the buying process of dozens of people and one thing really stands out –  like every other aspect of a relationship, respect plays a huge role. I think they way you  act towards one another during the process of buying a house is an indication of how you’ll act towards one another once you’re in your house. On HOUSE HUNTERS, it’s been gratifying to see couples really taking their partner’s wants and needs into account.


Joe: Let’s say a couple is having an argument. Their jobs are 1 ½ hours apart each way and they want their home close to their job. How important is compromise in this situation?

 Celia: In my opinion, compromise is not as simple as “I’ll met you half way.” For one person, a longer drive might not be a big deal – he or she might love driving.  Compromise can be as simple as looking at a situation and deciding to whom it is more important.


Joe: It is important to search for a home that meets your needs and environment? How important is it in feeling comfortable and like the area you live in? I ask this question because my brother and his family moved to Michigan and they had to adapt to that area and their children had to adapt to a new area where they might not be welcomed.

Celia: Once again, I can only answer this as an observer, not as any kind of expert. The answer is as diverse as the people buying. I would say this depends on the family. If your family is, as a whole, always up for a new adventure, buying a home outside your comfort zone might not be a big deal. As a matter of fact, that might be part of the rush of buying a new place.  On the other hand, especially if you have kids, you might want to choose a home or a new neighborhood that offers some familiarity.  I’ve found that every House Hunters has his or her motivating factor – you just need to determine what is going to make a house a home for you and your family.


Joe: This is a clutter question. Sometimes we get bombarded with buying stuff and it affects the energy of the house. How important is it that we care for ourselves and not let our emotions affect that place?

Celia: Since I only observe people moving out of one house and into another, I don’t actually see people dealing with clutter.  Personally. I’m a big fan of getting rid of  anything I haven’t used in a year.  Beside the fact that my husband and I have lived in 900 square feet for twenty years, I feel it a less cluttered home makes for a more serene home environment. Your home should be your haven. I think part of the appeal of HOUSE HUNTERS is watching other people finding their own sanctuary. The possibilities are endless.


I want to thank Celia for this interview.


A home is a place where you can grow and where you can see your family grow. We all grow together in a home. For some it is where we make our best decisions and maybe some of our worst.

A home is where we live, but it takes on an identity of itself. HOUSE HUNTERS gives us ideas about the home and decisions we can make. They give us a taste of other parts of the country we can experience and life is meant to be experienced.

It is not easy to move for some people, couples will face their situations and grow or separate depending on how strong the bond is. Some homes may go through their growing pains.

HOUSE HUNTERS teaches us how to make these important decisions. And I was happy to meet them today at The Coffee House in Edison, New Jersey. And ironically The Coffee House has been my home away from home. Thank you for discovering The Coffee House HOUSE HUNTERS.

 Image by Thirsty Turf Irrigation from (not affiliated with House Hunters)

HOUSE HUNTERS can be found at HGTV

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