How Do You Know Your In Love?

How do you know when you are love? You can wait a whole entire lifetime and it doesn’t happen. Yet, you can meet someone if your 85 years old with someone who is 90 and you both might have one week on this earth to live, but you can dwell on the past or make the most of it and live every moment till the last.

You can find other love interests along the way, but you will know when they are the one. Many don’t have this opportunity and never find it. They are trapped with bad decisions and wrong choice of mates. And this may leave one to wonder if love exists.

You may be going through your entire life in pain and turmoil, but that one chance meeting rather it is online, in person, or anywhere you can meet the one. It is a feeling that will last forever. Conversations will last 4 maybe 5 hours and you won’t get tired of talking. When you do things with each other you make the moment last.

When you might have someone love you they are willing to do anything for you. If their is open trust. You are not afraid to tell them how you feel about someone. It is building trust.

Does love like this exist? I believe it does. Some people are in fear because they try to cling on an hold on to something that doesn’t serve them and they are afraid to get away or they keep it because they have nothing else. As Ralph Smart said these are “Coca-Cola Relationships”

When you have love you feel it. Even if you are not together at the time. You will feel strong for one another. Why they love you they are loyal? Even if you tell them you were with someone or are thinking about it, they respect your flaws and accept your desires. They truly know that your love will last.

We don’t feel like this anymore. Everyone is playing games and is not open and honest of how they feel in their situation and as a result, people cheat behind their backs and when they do it hurts the other person. You have hurt the one you don’t want to hurt. Love can’t grow.

Love is where you communicate with one another, are honest with another you are there for the long run, you are willing to do anything for them and they are for you.

Love is a feeling where you have those 4 hour conversations without thinking about it and it will be a feeling that will last forever.

Here’s to all you none believers of love. Don’t listen to your friend who says approach women at a bar when they are just there. I have a friend like this and it makes you mad and feel what you don’t want in a situation. Don’t mistake your integrity.

Respect your friend who says go out there and find what you want in life and take chance so you can become whatever you want in life.

Take chances and sometimes you meet someone special and someone you want to spend your life together with, but it may take time. Know that everything will work out. know that you will have what you want in life and love will follow.

I fought that feeling of love in my life before and I might have compromised, but I’ve gotten stronger and will enjoy the love I will want to share with that special lady and you know who you are.

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