Picking Up on Subtle Cues that Would Drive Your Significant Other Crazy

On this blog, I’m doing it on picking up on Subtle cues that might not go noticed and would drive the other person you are trying to go out with or whom your going out with crazy.

If your a guy you miss all the signals of the woman because the guy is to caught up with their own thoughts and I’m guilty of this to. I have been to trapped in my thoughts when dealing with women. I guess that is the Gemini in me. But we don’t pick up on stuff. Some men aren’t perceptive in a situation and as a result, it causes conflict.

We might try our hardest to connect with that someone that we failed to make them feel good because we were heavily in thought. We were not perceptive in the situation. And they didn’t tell you, but they were pissed. I have done this before and I’m sure we all have done this.

The fact is we have to be able to pick up on subtle cues in society and there are somethings that you do without thinking about to show that person respect. It’s these subtle cues that makes the other person think about you for years.

When we forgot these subtle cues such as opening a door for someone or cleaning their area for them when they are sitting, we are missing an opportunity to make them feel special.

Some mistake kindness for weakness and they takeĀ advantage of and taking for granted. Some guys like myself before would be waiting for one women to come back to you the rest of the night, because you are lonely. I’ve learned a valuable lesson with the dating game after being introduced. This shows needy and desperate behavior which I was after my relationship. I didn’t realize how needy I had become. Until I grew and started to take better care of myself and have respect for myself. Have respect for my friends. Have respect for the woman whom I might be interested in.

I’m learning this one and it is a hard one. Sometimes you get taken for a ride and you are playing a game you don’t want to play. You have to have respect for yourself to draw the line and not be angry at the situation because you know where it will go. You have to know what you want and if it’s not what you want don’t take and take a stand. If you are afraid to face them write them a letter let them know maybe it will smooth the fence and you could save face.

These are just subtle cues to not let that anger get the best of you. If you run from a situation and it is not resolved,it will make the situation worse and it will make you look week. You gain respect in the situation.

Simple things like this could build your self esteem and simple things like this can earn a bond that will last forever.

We fail to see the unseen or forget about it. It is when we keep on missing this cues we are hit by an avalanche and you feel it. This happened to me and I needed to reach out for a support system that I didn’t know was there before.

It helped out because they all helped me develop myself and help me to start caring about myself again. I was hard on myself and I am still working on in it. I still have moments where I am preoccupied with my thoughts and it is a war. But when I’m in a situation and I know there is an unfavorable feeling towards me. I realize you can’t change their perspective of you. You just got to do what you have to do and be strong. This can be discussed in another blog.

Image by Gina Zee from unsplash.com



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