Why are People Deceptive and Not Honest in Relationships?

Here is a topic that sparks interest to many. People are afraid to tell what they are doing to their significant other in a situation and sometimes you have to make a split call that might hurt another and make someone happy. Love is like this. I have had my heart broken in this way and I’m sure I’ve broken hearts along the way. Sometimes you’ve got to go on your gut instinct.

And sometimes you may feel bad about hurting someone’s feelings, but you’ve got to be strong with that decision. The fact is we are deceptive by nature. We are taught to be deceptive to survive in society and also have whatever mate they want. A man wants to have as many kids or have their offspring carry on. A woman wants to test the guy to make sure they will be loyal to them so it is a test.

And many times we are in relationship to care for the young. Our Parents or Grandparents generations marriages lasted till the end and now just with 50 years its different, there is a breakdown in the family unit and it is changing. Many people don’t have the zest in their relationship and they get miserable and lie to get what they want and sometimes this involves cheating.

Men aspire to be Alpha Male, but they settle in life and they become fearful of the woman or of losing their relationship. Some men get violent to protect their situation, but make it worse. Or they start to lie.

Relationships are tough. Sometimes you make decisions that you are put in a position to make. You may hurt someone. You may be in love with the one your with because your holding onto what love was and you find something new in someone and you feel this love feeling all over again and you may love them and the guy tries to have the woman both by keeping the other one clueless because they don’t want to lose what they have.

Maybe they aren’t happy with each other and are holding on to that old relationship and they don’t have that trust. They don’t have an open relationship and a relationship built on respect. There is more respect in someone telling them what they are doing than not. This is the mistake that I made in my old relationship, but I am learning a lot because I was insecure about what I felt and thought about moral reason. I should have respected what she was doing, but at the same time she wasn’t honest with me on what she was talking about in the situation and trust was broken.

Had I been more open to her feelings and how she felt, she could have been honest to me about anything, but it was tough to do that.

Had I known then what I know now maybe it would have been that relationship built on trust. But this is what goes on with most relationships. We feel guilty in hurting one another. As a result, we never face these emotions and it carries on. Then we react so we can get out of that relationship or we react and be deceptive.

It’s not easy in relationships especially if you are meeting people and want to be involved. Sometimes a woman choose who they are going to be with, but it’s the man that makes that decision who they go up to. As it has been said and as I spoke about in other blogs, it is like a dance. And in the dance as a friend says it gets tricky.

Just finishing this blog because my laptop is ready to die and I am not around a plug so you try to be who you are, but it you make that decision who is going to know if you are right and wrong it’s better to be honest. Sometimes they will respect your honesty over a game you play it earns respect and honor. Sometimes we don’t do this enough and we should.

Love is something we discover and something we become with each other along the way. Love is a tricky game and sometimes people get hurt that you don’t want to get hurt, but emotions of love continues for those who develop that honesty and trust.

These values aren’t seen any more in the world, but they are around and respected. Sometimes if someone is hurt you make them feel better even if you aren’t interested it builds rapport and respect. And you can be happy with the one you have discovered.

Image by India Pollachi from unsplash.com





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