Ways to Release Anger

What do you do when your frustrated and anger. Your dealing with that frustration from your spouse. You might be in the friend zone and are getting pissed. This could happen with women to. You have that one person and every time you see them they just bring you down and that anger carries. What do you do from not lashing out and saying what you really want to say. I mean you really want to tell them to F off, but you have to be civil.

You have to be disciplined. You can’t lash out at them or you will be an asshole. Or you can release those emotions properly.

Writing has always been an outlet for me and talking to someone has been an outlet. Because I did that I’m getting my confidence back. Also another friend told me working out helps get that anger out of the system. And running and also meditation to.

These are just some things you can do. Anger is something that can destroy you. It is something that can make you miserable and something that can ruin your day and it can lead you in a bad path. It can drive you to do things that you don’t want to do.

Anger can be channeled and used in a good way if used right. Many leaders used their anger and resistance to make incredible change in the world. Arnold Schwarzenegger escaped from and Austrian Military just to compete and fulfill his dream of body building and he won. He was punished afterwards for leaving, but he gained respect from his peers once they found out he won. He said Fuck the consequences I know I will pay them when I get back. I will fulfill my dream. It was his anger and his way of channeling it through exercise that led him to travel roads of bodybuilding, acting, and become Governor that made him who he was. Had he not channeled his anger in a good way, he would not become who he was in this world. He is a role model for many with physical fitness.

Take a lesson with Arnold and channel that anger in a positive direction. When he wanted to do something he did it. And that is something that can be respected.

You can have a positive life by channeling anger. There are many different ways, but it can be done. And try some you may be surprised.

Image by Ybrayym Esenov from unsplash.com

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