The Alpha Male Ego Explained

I writing today about the Alpha Male Ego. I learned from two videos on what happens with male masturbation. One was by Ralph Smart. And even though it is healthy to do it. It is not healthy to release all the time. It drains energy from the body and when one area is depleted the rest of the body is emptied with the body.

What does controlling male testosterone  have to do with the Alpha Male Ego. When the man doesn’t release and control it. He will build up confidence level and also the male hormones kick in. And the Alpha Male comes alive. With the natural anger and dominance to make the man alive and this anger is controlled anger.

It is proving your point and standing up for yourself against the opposite sex. It is where the Alpha Male says they could have whatever women they want and the other men have to step in line and respect that wish. This isn’t seen that much in society now a days, but it is an animalistic urge and has been there since the beginning.

Women respect this male. Nice guys try to be nice with a women, but get walked all over. They are afraid to stand up to their woman or don’t know how to handle it. They are two nice and then they blow up in a violent way as what happens.

I once heard in The Shadow Effect DVD a story the late Debbie Ford shared after she went through her addiction and started to speak about it. A lady in the crowd said “Your a bitch” to her. Debbie was mortified. And then the lady said, Doesn’t it help to be a little bitchy especially if you work in retail and they are giving you a hard time and you have to stand up for yourself.

We get caught in a trap in society where we are taught not to express our animalistic urges and because of it we suppress it and then it comes out at the worst times. When growing up I was always denied my voice. I did not know how to communicate and I worked heavily on this skill.

And still I have difficulty with it at times. Just yesterday I forgot some words that I said and a woman while in a group took her friend and walked away. It is true I didn’t give her a warm response entering the place and I wasn’t a nice guy then, but it was showing my male ego. I was wronged the day before when she thought I was following her outside, when that wasn’t the case, I was waiting for my friend to come out. And this women cracked a sarcastic joke when I was ready to leave. So I basically said to her friends I was pissed off at her showing my alpha male ego. They think I am pissed off at her because I am interested, when I am mad at the principle of the situation.

Everything is a learning lesson. Some woman feel they could just walk all over men and it gets unnoticed. And what is not known or goes unnoticed and laughed at by others is male abuse from women. Men face abuses such as physical abuse and they don’t know where to turn. And some men fear for their lives because their woman could kill them if they want and they do. Some women marry a guy for money, have an affair with someone else and then have the guy that was married killed by someone.

I know this maybe a Lifetime movie, but it has happened. Men do face abuses. And this destroys their self esteem. This has never happened to me, but I know people who it has happened to.

Women abuse is another story which I could get to in another blog, but the Alpha Male Ego can take a hit and the man has to be strong. Men are degraded in society and weakened through media. A man has to be strong and be able to stand up for themselves. When men let themselves get taken advantage of by women or friends, they get walked all over and don’t get the respect that they deserve. This is why a man having control of their sexual urges can help them gain the confidence that they deserve.

The Alpha Male Ego can get whatever woman they want and whoever they want as I’ve said. It is a hierarchy is societies, They know who the Alpha Male is, they know who the Queen is, and then the rest that follow. You go to a bar and you find people of all kinds their and me that doesn’t drink, but started going their because of a breakup. There is coffee shops and there are people of all kind there as my friend had told me yesterday.

I’m going to end this blog by saying The Alpha Male is their in society and it is rarely seen. I guess if you think of an Alpha Male now is Donald Trump. He is going for the highest spot in the US and I guess the Queen would be Hillary Clinton. And fortunately or unfortunately I share the same birthday as Donald Trump.

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