Finding the Zen in Any Situation

Victor Frankl wrote in his book about finding peace when going through a Concentration Camp. His mere existence in surviving and living to tell his story kept him alive. When we go through hell we think to die or to live through the pain and endure.

Sometimes we have to find peace in bad situations. Many are dealing with a drug addiction, physical and psychological abuses, job abuses, or sexual abuse. Sometimes many lose their way, but deep down they have a willing to survive unless they give up. They find peace in hell.

They find in the center of their mind the beauty of life. Besides things going wrong and a lot on their mind. Just one moment of peace, the euphoric state takes over. And that one minute of bliss can last forever before hell happens again.

Some call this recharging your batteries, but it is more then that. It is achieving a heaven like state in the worst of situations.

Victor Frankl like many were stripped of their dignity and respect and they were humiliated. The Nazi’s tried to strip the Jewish People of something precious of life. They tried to play God and decide who lives and who doesn’t. But despite how much damage they did to the Jewish People, they showed their power as Spiritual Beings and endured hell and grew because of it. Those that survived hell on earth told their story. It’s sad, but many still deny the Holocaust from happening and many considered it lie, but the stories of hell on earth exist through the survivors. They told the stories of truth because they knew no one would believe them and it was a zen like state in hell that kept them alive.

There are groups such as ISIS or whatever evil group exist in this group who feels that they need to torture someone for whatever reason they want. For money, power, or belief, to feel important and matter. Well it doesn’t take anger to matter. It is showed, but their abuse only makes the spirits of the victims grow stronger. And eventually down the line these perpetrators will become the victims and pay. Who knows maybe they are tortured within the group.

It’s that Zen in hell that will keep them alive.

Image by Robin Benad

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