How Can Love Last Forever?

This blog is a response to the discussion that is taking place in the aesthetically blog. The discussion is centered around loyalty with a relationship and having freedom to explore in a relationship. Aesthetically said, “Be available to someone to whom, in spite of your coexistence of several years, your availability still remains a matter of fortune…”

It is true both points can be argued. In an old school sense Loyalty has been a virtue from an old world. And they idea of loyalty creates for situation of deception and it has for many years. It’s true that you have to be loyal, but there has to be mutual understanding and communication.

If you are not free in a relationship you deny the human experience. You create many situations for heartbreak and jealousy. Some people settle with their relationships and for men, their sex drive dies and they don’t give their women the attention that they need and they will look elsewhere. Or the guy gets bored and goes else where.

Having that freedom to explore lets you be human. It lets you experience what love is. You get to see what works and what doesn’t. It is the ability to have that confidence in whatever situation that is needed.

Because when you are with the one you are with as you have commented aesthetically again after not seeing each other and after you both were with other partners. When you meet up again it is going to mean something great and can’t be replaced. You both will have that greater appreciation for each other and you will rediscover each other again.

I could see both arguments and I agree with you bunch up where you said it’s got to be a mutual agreement.

We are affected by love on many different levels. Many of us lose love over stupid reasons, for many it builds up. But if you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to attract and maintain that love in your life and other loves.

I was a guy before who thought that I had to be devoted 100% loyal to my woman and her 100% to me and I would be jealous every time she talked to another guy. Just by the friends I was with and who I was at the time I let this attitude affect me and I was frustrated. I always wondered why all the guys around me got all the woman and I didn’t. It was me.

Since then I changed my views. I’ve learned to respect women’s wishes and learned to respect myself. I changed my attitude. My attitude is not complete yet, but I am working on it. I am learning to seize the day and enjoy life. And apart of it is not being able to approach anyone I want and not being afraid. Or facing those fears as I go on every day.

This helped me respect what a women wants and what truly makes them happy. And learning what I’ve had a hard time in doing and that is listening to what women say.

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