The Power of Confidence

How do you keep you keep your energy up in a society that may drain you? It could be an uphill battle or it could be a simple think as your approach to life. Take for example the dating game. If your a guy like me before with low self esteem, you probably were frustrated at women and at life and wondering why you couldn’t attract who you want. And you were stuck because the approach to life wasn’t there.

And then at the same time in high school I was known as Wolfman Joe, but my attitude wasn’t there, however, I howled, did split, I was out going, but I had a negative view of women and I had a negative view of myself. I felt I had to be serious and not fun. This was the dilemma that I had faced.

All because of my approach I had to settle with situations that I didn’t want and I became more frustrated. I wasn’t my best self, I wasn’t Wolfman Joe. And because of it I missed out on possible romance that I never had in school.

The true Wolfman Joe I envisioned is someone who was charismatic and had his way with approaching woman and approaching life. Someone who was not miserable with life and someone who lived every day to the fullest.

I lived like the way that I wanted. I wouldn’t be afraid. But these fears get implanted in us when we are young. Now that I had recently broke up, I face pressure from my Dad saying did I find someone yet. When it has been 2 1/2 months. Psychologically this defeats my mental psyche and lowers my confidence because I didn’t find someone yet.

In the Power of Confidence is saying that I don’t give a fuck. The having an I don’t care attitude. I don’t mean give up on life, what I mean is fuck it, I’m gonna have fun. I’m going to make life the way it’s been meant to live.

I once heard the words Carpe Diem and it is true. Many people don’t have that opportunity to live for today and they have to fight people to escape that prison. They’re self esteem is devastated.

Having Confidence is having self discipline and control and once you have control, you have fun. If you are a guy, you’ve got to control your urges and with men and women it’s eating and drinking right.

If it’s junk, it’s going to do nothing for your self esteem. I know we all slip and I thought diet wasn’t important, but it’s very important.

The Power of Confidence is building your self esteem and doing it step by step. It’s feeling that passion enter into you and building it every day. It’s living like you only desire. Its having the ability to approach whomever you want on any given day. It is the drive that makes you alive and embrace any situation without fear.

This is the true nature of confidence and you could either sit in the sidelines or approach whomever you want without fear. But sure their could be fear there, but you could say fuck it and approach life the way it was meant.

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