Riding the Wave of Love

Love Relationships are like a wave. There are various states of a relationship and if there is someone new the wave will take you there. And if you’re with the one you want to be with for a lifetime you would ride the wave for a lifetime.

Eventually you ride waves that knock you on your ass such as going through breakups or divorces. Take into account their are many people living in this earth. The old rules of relationships don’t apply.

You wish to be with someone, but it takes work and after awhile both of you change. This is why it is like riding the wave of love. Suddenly you are no longer with the person you were with in the beginning. Values have changed. I’m not saying this from me, but from what most relationships go through.

Every relationship has it’s problems. It’s just a matter of riding the waves between the good times and bad times. Some of the rough waves will make you stronger and build up your strength to endure.

Sometimes you don’t know when the rough waves will last, but through out, your strength will get stronger.

Love can be like that wave. You don’t know how to ride everyday, but you have to be prepared for what will come.

Love has a way of finding you. Rather it’s the love you want or the one your with. You just have to be willing to ride the wave of love and share. It is tough at times and there maybe days where you want to scream because everybody goes through their own turmoil, but if you go through that turmoil like a rough wave and follow through with it.

You will free yourself and enjoy the one you are with like a surfer.

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