A Little Love with a Taste of Coffee

I’m entitling this blog A Little Love with a Taste of Coffee because it makes me think of a Hallmark movie. The one where you write where she wrote on a piece of paper the ideal match for her, but she forgot to write love for her ideal match. And she wound up with the barista at the end.

Well, a lot of people like coffee and meet up at Coffee House’s. It makes for a Romantic Setting. Especially if you are a writer and just want to study. You can do what you love. And sure you might be trapped in your own world, but you meet the people you wish to and it might create for a sparkling romance.

Coffee Houses are ideal for this. You could meet someone by chance and then spark up a conversation. It is not like a bar setting. Where they feel the need to pressure the woman into doing something they don’t want to do. This happens a lot in bars. Sometimes a woman wants that attention and sometimes they don’t want to be bothered and just hang out with their friends. It is tricky if your a guy and you’ve got to play the game even if you don’t like it.

In Coffee Houses there are different kind of pressures. If your a guy you still have to approach woman and it is a great place for couple’s to go.

There is something that is sparkling about this setting rather it is the Coffee House or if it is a bookstore in it even better. It creates a very good setting for that romance or that sparkling conversation.

I remember when I was in my last relationship, going to The Coffee House was a highlight. While I sat there and wrote, she did her thing. She tried to crack jokes to loosen me up because my work was stressful, but I enjoyed it.

But now I write at The Coffee House by myself looking for my next romantic story to take place at The Coffee House.

I enjoy writing and there is nothing that is going to change that. And in life you have to experience life. And it can be done in a Coffee House.

I feel passion in me every time I write in a Coffee House, rather it is the music from the 90’s that I enjoyed listening to or just the ambience. Every coffee house plays different music and it is unique and it creates for the mood.

Love with a taste of coffee. It is combining two loves and creating a memorable moment with someone you could love or someone you do love.

Image by Luke Chesser from unsplash.com

Twitter: @passageofjoe

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