The Dance Between Men and Women

We are mirrors of each other and sometimes we might not like what we see in the mirror. Based on our moods we may get upset at the opposite sex. And if your a man going after a women of the opposite sex, they will call out what you are doing bluntly. They see through the bull shit and they will make you look like a fool.

If you are a man and you look like you will creep them out, you probably will creep them out. If your are a man and are to smooth and nice, they will see through your bull shit and suspect something is up.

It is a dance that we do. I know because I’ve been in the game again and you can’t have fear with it, you’ve got to have confidence. You can’t be afraid to approach the opposite sex. I know there are all of these fears, but fuck the fears. You have to embrace fear and take all the challenge that are needed in this life.

I know your view of the opposite sex may be negative if you went through a breakup or divorce, but it will change with time. Just build up your confidence and there is nothing wrong with it. It is like you are going on a job interview to find the one.

But don’t look at it as a job interview, it could be fun. You could have fun and take on the dance until you find the right one. This is how life is and many have tried to hold onto miserable relationships that don’t serve them with fear of being lonely.

Well I have to say with about 8 Billion maybe more living on this earth, we have the ability to choose. We don’t have to be in relationships that don’t serve us and if someone is abusive for women it is tough, but you can reach out for that help that is needed and even if you are leaving with nothing, you still have your freedom and they can’t take that away from you.

Love is like a dance. It could make you euphoric and it can make you down right miserable. But the truth is it is how we feel about ourselves that gives us that reaction. How we build our energy is very important because if we don’t, we have negative energy or are tired and we wouldn’t have the energy.

This is what we face. Love is a dance. People with more confidence do better than those without any confidence. It is true. Many guys stumble upon talking to woman or they are basic with their approach they get to serious. I know because I have a tendency to be serious, but deep down inside me their is a Wolfman Joe in me ready to have fun.

When I was in high school I was nicknamed Wolfman Joe. I hated it at the time because I had to act up to everyone elses expectations, but I would enjoy it now because I would let loose have fun and enjoy life. This is how life can be.

In 2000, after watching many hours of WCW wrestling, the charisma followed me. I became what I watched. And even though I had no luck with woman then do to immense competition over the opposite sex. I felt there was scarcity when in reality their wasn’t. I was just fooled. Meanwhile my other friends were having the time of their lives.

This is where my confidence was, but I tried to fake it. In this reaction between men and women it is a dance. and your other on the winning side or the losing side and the woman will eventually choose who to dance with. Accept the dance of the woman and don’t compete with the other guy. You’ve lost and can’t force love. It happens naturally. But it takes time to dance with the woman.

Image by William White from

I can be found at Twitter: @passageofjoe


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