Sharing Some Feelings on Life

There has been crimes committed throughout time and there has been aggression unimaginable. There has hatred towards other people of other races. There has been anger towards each other.

And there have been abuses. Some that are known and some that were not known, but only known by the one that went through it. As much as you could hide behind a reality, there is a world that is suffering and perhaps we all suffer.

It is true I said in another blog to smile, but we can not at the same time deny these realities exist. We can not deny that emotion to someone who is suffering. We can not deny the unhappy sad face of someone without a home or maybe has never had a home.

You can’t deny the suffering of a person who has been through hell. They wear it on there face and they wear it on there sleeve.

I would love to say life has a happy ending, but with some people the ending is never happy. There are Cancers, Diseases, and addictions to drugs where they spiral downhill.

And then there is love, the love with the one you are with. You can be with them and then they are gone. Pain can be if we were cheated on or pain can be if they are no longer alive. This is the pain we face.

But we are taught by society to hold these feelings in and be happy. The truth is we are suffering from something and we may need each other despite the fact we might not get along with them.

We like to show the world we are happy in pictures, but they truly lie. Pictures may be happy, but there is true suffering behind the pain they don’t show. There is suffering to a world that is disconnected from reality.

The fact is we all need healing. Everyone is angry and some of us hide it. This anger and pain needs to be naturally released. Without it, we lash out that anger when least expected. We need to go through the grieving process. Emotions need to be expressed and they can’t be held in. We are taught not to release and even are drugged from it. And we suppress those feelings.

Don’t suppress. If you have an emotion to express, express it. You don’t know there will be a time in your life where it will be to late and you will be on your death bed and you will have wished to get those emotions out.

I am guilty of this to. There are emotions that I should share that I never do out of fear. Perhaps I should do the same and share my emotions.

Image can be found at Mr. Cup/ Fabien Barral

Twitter: @passageofjoe


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