I Just Put Myself on the Ballot to Become President of the USA

I don’t know the rules for running and I will not win this time, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about these two candidates with Trump and Clinton. I know Trump shares the same birthdate as me, but I don’t like him.

The fact is people want someone to be picture perfect as President, when behind the scenes they create crimes unimaginable.

I  am not perfect and I made my fair share of mistakes in this lifetime that I’m not proud of. And financial I’m not on par with those who are considered rich. But I am of age to run for President and I couldn’t resist.

I am tired of a Nation that is divided and I am tired of living in a world that doesn’t understand itself. There is so disconnect in the world that everyone is afraid to speak up for what they believe with fear of persecution.

I am tired of a Nation that buys in to the Politics of Trump. I’ll admit at the beginning I liked him and I’ll go on record to say I said things that I regretted. To my understanding their is good and bad in people. And the problems of this country can not be made on single tactics that has been. How can we trust these politicians when they lie to us or screw us over. They change policies and make it difficult for us to live and we are in fear with our lives.

I am just throwing my name on the ballot, because I believe that I can do a better job then both of them and I think anybody could do a better job then them. We have the worst possible candidates running.

A little bit about myself, I didn’t go into the services not out of disrespect, but out of a mental illness. Also, I felt we were fighting a battle in America. And I became a Counselor. I also went into writing.

Some may disagree with my views and some may agree, but the truth is we have these problems and they need solutions.

The fact is we need better natural farming, rather then corporate run farming. We need to take care of this earth. We need to embrace our community more then being caught up in our own lives. We don’t communicate any more and are afraid to mention what is going on. There is disconnect.

People in Politics are doing there jobs, but are forgetting about where they are from the roots of America.

We have created a society that is separate from it’s relationships. And because we work to damn much because greedy people take advantage of people with many bills, for all everyone have to get paid.

There is a housing problem, and a dysfunctional family problem, we don’t get along with the opposite sex anymore because we don’t have that time to spend with our families anymore and this is a reality. We have become so busy and most of us are online including me. Because this is our life now talking to people we don’t see.

What happened to our connection with this earth, what happened with our love connection. We are supposed to take care of our own. How is it that families have given up on their own and they have become apart of the system.

And this has been glorified by the media. We don’t know how to interact with each other any more. At least this is my reality.

Our history is messed up, but it is our history, we have to see how far we have come, but how far back we went.

We do need to rebuild this nation, but do we need to rebuild it the way Trump does in building a wall with our neighbor.

The fact is we are granted free will and we have our right to choose our experience and unfortunately we choose it with our enemies. This is the make up of America and our existence. For peace we have to stand up for what we believe in.

What happened to the small business shops as in the olden days. These people were the backbone of America. When we became Corporate we lost that soul of America, Trump wants to Put people to work. I want people to reclaim their vision and start their own businesses.

This is the America that I envision. An America where you are not afraid to stand up against oppression. We have great people who can change the world and create the vision that is wanted. But this old guard doesn’t want this true change to take place. They could only talk to the people it’s the true people that can shift America.

That is why I put my name on the ballot. It is for every America who got screwed over by their Politicians in fear of creating a better tomorrow. It is for our Ancestors who struggled to make it in this country before it existed. It is for our Ancestors that paved the way for a world less fortunate that fights for it’s land.

Maybe this America is not forgotten. I don’t want Trump’s vision of America. I want America to be Free once again. It’s has lost freedom we need to get it back. That is why I put my name on the ballot.


Image by Noah Grezlak of unsplash.com



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