Adventuring to the Unknown

Sometimes we all settle with the familiar and we are afraid to venture out into the unknown. It is very scary. This can be with people we meet. This can be with the places we go. Or it can be with the jobs that we never have.

What is the unknown? Why are we so afraid to take the chances at life that we may never get again in this lifetime? The fact is we are creatures of habit and we do the things we are used to, but the unknown always unravels us. We are not prepared for what happens to us. The unknown always makes us nervous. And the fact is we have to be prepared to go in uncomfortable situations in life.

When we are comfortable with our situation it actually maybe scarier then when we are in an uncomfortable situation. The fact is we have to approach the situation without any fear. Sure their is nervous energy in all parties, but if you accept life the way it is you may miss out on something that can be great.

The fact is we have to take chances in life and face the unknown. We maybe afraid to do something different, but life brings situations in our life for a reason.

And to switch topics for the unknown apparently according to Teal Swan we go after our subconscious when it comes to love which means whatever we faced in our home setting we relate to love. Which means if our home setting was fucked up, unfortunately our relationships on a subconscious level will be fucked up. The fact is in her video it made me realize that every situation in my home situation resembled my former relationship.

Picture by Mathew MacQuarrie from

What does this have to do with the unknown, everything. We gravitate towards what we are comfortable with. We are afraid of the unknown. We stay at jobs for years or relationships for years. And despite how horrible they are, we settle with them.

Let me discuss settling for a second. They say never settle in love, but when we are with them we are learning valuable lessons from them. The fact is we always face situations that call us. And we just have to make the right decision no matter what it is. This is where the unknown comes into play. We don’t know which direction to go. Our heart calls is in many directions. The familiar and unfamiliar.

When we are in an unfamiliar situation we want to break that situation or even run away from it. It is human nature. This is the reason why many men have anxiety over approaching a woman or many woman have anxiety in being approached.

It’s the unknown that gets us unsure of life. Usually our senses tell us what we want, but maybe it’s the unknown that throws us off balance.

And we need that in life. The unknown challenges us. When we cross paths with people, we don’t know if they are that special someone or not or they are meant to tell us something.  We miss this experience when we settle with our lives.

This life is meant to adventure into the unknown, but somewhere along the line we settle with a life that doesn’t fulfill us. Maybe there is some merit to what Teal Swan say in us settling with our subconscious even if we wish for the best.


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