Don’t Be Afraid to Smile

It’s Spring, why do I have a picture of me smiling after I am ready to break my back shoveling snow after the Blizzard? Well it is to show that we can smile no matter what situation we are in.

We may have nothing figured out, but smile like you do. Smile and soak in life. Smile like you have everything figured out. Smile and take in the joy known as life. Smile.

Sometimes we fail to do that. Many of us have grumpy looking faces. We are to busy to appreciate the joys of life. We are too busy to Smile.

I wasn’t smiling for awhile, but I found my smile again. There is a lot to be appreciative of. And when we find what we are appreciative of, it will all work out.

Like I’ve said and others have said, we are mirrors of each other. When we Smile we radiate that in our life. Who knows as I’ve heard when we wish for peace, we attract an angry person. We did attract that situation believe it our not. Smile they are extensions of our self.

I’m going through a breakup I can’t even think of Smiling. Smile, I’ve been there things will look up even if it doesn’t seem that way. Sometimes through that trouble God puts people who are meant to be in our path afterwards. Sometimes we are just attracted to places. And sometimes we are just attracted to people.

I have a friend who told me before when everything is wrong don’t show the world you are down, Smile. Smile and hide your pain. Don’t show the world you are defeated.

This maybe tough. You may ask put up a mask. I can’t do that. When you smile you put everyone else in a good mood. As Sue Heck from The Middle says it is contagious.

We shouldn’t be afraid to smile. When we live in a stiff society as the one we have, we need to loosen up and Smile to appreciate life.

We live a long life and for many it is a short one. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. The best thing to do is Smile and enjoy life. Sure we face pain more then anyone else, but we can rise above our pain. Our pain passes. When you are in the moment and feel life, You Smile at the winds that pass. It comes and goes. Don’t regret and miss that opportunity.

Smile at life. Smile at the chances. Smile at the one you are with and love. You don’t know how long it will last, but as long as you are with them make it last forever. Smile with your family. You don’t know how long on this earth you have with them. Smile with your co-workers. There will be a time where you will remember the good times and you want to smile a lot during them because you want to make them last.

Smile at the future and Smile remembering the Past. Most importantly Smile in the present moment, once it’s gone you will never have it back.

Most importantly Smile no matter what situation you are in. A solution will appear and we will know the answer that is given to us.

When we Smile,life unfolds for us. Smile at the people you meet. Smile letting them know we should love this life.

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