Do Whatever You Enjoy in Life

The purpose of this blog is to tell you to embrace whatever you enjoy in life. If it’s something that you enjoyed and haven’t done it in awhile then go for it. This is what Ralph Smart said in his video today.

I took his advice, I haven’t watched episodes of Seinfeld for a very long time and haven’t listened to music from 20 years ago and I listened to it today and I felt good. I was inspired to feel good again.

Life is about having momentum and taking a chance on opportunities that present themselves. We could be lost in the past or we could relive it with vigorous passion as before.

In life we go through our challenges, but we could enjoy life again. Do whatever makes you happy. We only have one life we know of and that is why we should make the most of it and take the chances in life we don’t normally take.

Life is meant to be lived like this. Sometimes we get tied in to fear because we are not confident in ourselves and we show that fear. Life is not meant to be like this. But we deal with our fears. We feel the other person is far superior than us, but the truth is they deal with the same fears as we do. So why not live.

Living is something that we all have to do. Find something that makes us happy and indulge in it. Don’t go overboard, but enjoy it.

Sometimes we get addicted to someone, but they are a reflection of ourselves, we all are reflections of ourselves and others. This is what makes the world work. Usually when we have fear, everyone else does to.

Life  is like this. We fail on journeys, but what we don’t realize is when we fail, we succeed.

It’s all those failures that lead towards our biggest success. And that is when we stumble upon what we are looking for in life. It all happens by enjoying life. Something guides us to where we need to go.

It is finding the synchronicity in life. The universe gives us what we are looking for even if we don’t anticipate it. It gives us what we want and don’t want, that is why is better to be careful of what you want when you ask for it. Because when it arrives, you have to be prepared for it and you might get scared off initially and this sends a signal that scares them off because we are all mirrors of each other.

That is why it is important to have a good attitude while meeting someone. Don’t be down, because this sends a signal of who you want to attract. I know this because I have been down lately and I wasn’t aware of what I have been attracting.

And when your unsure, you attract just that. When you are sure of yourself, you attract just that. I finally figure out how the law of attraction works. You look at it through the other eyes and then you see it on yourself. We create situations and create them to be impossible, when in reality it is very easy.

That is why it is important to be in a good state and do the things that make you feel good. This is how we can attract what we desire. We have to keep our energy strong. And this is how we will attract what we wish.

I know I started this blog discussing enjoying life, but I started discussing about the law of attraction. It goes hand and hand. Life gives us clues through synchronicity. This is what guides us along our path and journey.

Life is what we could make of it and sure you can go through the emotions because you haven’t dealt with it, but the truth is when we do what we imagine and do what we enjoy, we will attract what we wish. Maybe we won’t understand it, but we have to act and pay attention to the message that is given to us. And we have to send that right message to get what we want.

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