A Special Blog About Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, let us not forget about all the troops who died for freedom around the world against oppression. And even in America. From the early battles in the United States that defined America to the troops who fight today.

These troops should be respected and they gave their lives for a higher purpose. Those that serve serve with the utmost respect for the country. They care about the code that America really stands for. They would protect the country even if it is a threat in this country.

They served their time and gave their lives for this cause.

Let us remember the lives that were lost.  Let us remember them in this country, Europe, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanstan, or wherever they have served and died.

Let us not forget the other soldiers who fought side by side with us and have died. They are not forgotten to.

It’s sad these soldiers died in battle, but they died in honor and no matter what battle they fought, let us not forget that.

Image by Michael Durana from Unsplash.com

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