I Wish I Was as Good As My Writing

It seems as if you could write the masterpiece of a lifetime and it still wouldn’t work out in relationships. Perhaps your hear is poured into the writing that you want it to succeed, but there is an ingredient missing and that is your life may not even portray what your writing is.

You say, “I wish I was as good as my writing.” I wish my life can convey the message of what my words mean. We get like this at times. We feel we are in a world we don’t know about and we only can convey the meaning in words and they sound better than what is actually going on in our lives.

I guess I’ve always had the gift of words, but never could I convey what I wanted to in my life. And I could have a picture perfect life, but I don’t and I could be happy in love, but that went away.

I wish I could live a masterpiece life as my words in a blog or a book. It’s just something I know how to do. Living up to them is another story.

I just wish I could live up to the passion in my words. Maybe one day I will find my way and live the life of my dreams rather than living a mediocre life.

We were meant to live a better life. We are not meant to compete with others, even though we do. We have to stand out on our own. As frustrating as it is, we must rise above our words and have our actions take a new meaning.

The truth is words can sound so pretty, but life can be very ugly. Even though on the outskirt it might look good. This is life in a nutshell. As much as you imagine, you can never be as good as your words, because you will be wrong and right. This is the dilemma we face as humans. We are not perfect and our life is not what is on paper even though we maybe good at it.

Some people strive for perfection, but it may never appear and we feel like failures. Live and let live is the only way.

Sometimes we have to rise above our passions and live no matter what the cost is. We have one life so we might as well do what makes us happy. And it is a battle to get there, but as long as the battle is won it is worth it.

Maybe you could say one day your life is as good as your written words and maybe I can say the same.



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