“Waiting For Love”

Why is this blog called “Waiting for Love” I was listening to a song by Avicii and I know the feeling. But instead of dwelling on me. I am going to discuss the heart and passion in trying to get it back. And what you’ve got to do.

Every moment has to matter, you don’t know where to look or even if you will find them again, but maybe you will find someone new. You don’t know. The truth is you are “Waiting for Love.” And you act on your emotions. You do what needs to be done. You work off what is in your heart.

You go out and find that passion in someone again. It may be someone from before, it maybe someone new. It maybe someone you’ve always wanted to try for, but never attempted because you were to scared to try. It could be someone you never met. Fate could leave you to the answer.

You know you have someone on your mind, you just have to take the road less traveled to find that someone. You could the world and back for that one. But when you are waiting it can seem like an eternity.

What sparks someone for that love and finding them? We do it everyday, but love seems to fast pace and changing. The rules are changing. However, the feelings of the heart never do change.

Love is like a dance and you have to dance with your mate in order to get them. Without that dance, you might wind up in the friend zone, hoping for that chance she will take your chances on you.

“Waiting for Love” is like this. You have to have that heart to withstand the test and face those strong emotions and work on what will never fail, but it fails in the beginning.

You fight for love. You fight for loves cause, you go back everyday fighting for loves endless romance.

Then when you have that sweet kiss with the one you love with the one your with it will be worth it.

Featured Image- Andrew Coelho Unsplash.com

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