Finding Your Passion and Doing It

In life we work for our passion in life. It might be a side passion or it might be what you wake up in the morning for. Passions are many things. Your family could be a passion. It can be your job. For all many go to work and loathe their jobs. Loathing is a form of passion.

Bottom line we think there is something better we should do with our time. And how do we do it when it doesn’t feel right, when we don’t feel we have that passion to make it the next mile. When our significant other just walked off or walked off with the kids leaving us alone. All these feelings are real. This didn’t happened to me, but it has happened to others.

What is that feeling that says I am not a failure at life? Where is that passion? And how do you find it when you get knocked flat on your ass and life deals you a blow?

These are the questions we face. How do we find that passion again? There was a song by the Righteous Brothers that said, “You lost that love in feeling.” And losing passion is like that. So what do you do to get it back. Because I to lost my passion. There have been days where I hated and dreaded going to my Laptop to type and when everything goes wrong in your personal life, you feel you don’t want to do it any more and give up.

But a driving passion takes over stronger then the dilemma and when healing takes place. You might wanted to hide away from the world, but you show yourself again. Only in a new light, one that is of better mindset. The truth is we are not perfect. As much as we try to show that side and think problems aren’t easy. I’ve dealt with extreme anxiety over the time I’ve been writing, working, and podcasting. Sometimes I stumbled and fought to say what I had to say, but I carried on for the passion of it.

We are born of imperfections as was discussed in a video with Infinate Waters and Teal Swan.

In the video they  discussed how we face our imperfections when we are viewed in the public and viewed. It seems as if they will find something wrong with you as Teal and Ralph said.

Truth is Passion pays a price. There maybe people that don’t like your message and their maybe people who will condemn you for the words you speak and for what you are trying to do. There maybe people who will curse your name. But there will be people to support you along your journey and they will meet you along the path.

Life is not an easy road. You might have to reach out far away for support. Your hometown might not give you the support you need. And it might be a journey that you don’t want to take, but you might have to take it. There are many of your supporters world wide and you could meet them.

There are new people who meet your passion and you could find them. Basically the world creates the people you want to meet. The world creates the person you will become. But you create how you will be in the world.

The truth is we faced many dilemmas and have grown through many mistakes and errors I have made a few and some were even read. It’s what happens when you react and are not in the right place. We wish we can change these mistakes, but they become a part of our history and evolution. They become apart of the story we tell.

This is the story of passion. We will make mistakes along the road. We might not even be paid for what we do, but it is a passion for life.

The fact is we have to be willing to get that passion back no matter what situation we are in. We must fight for that dream and I know I said this many times before, but we have to keep that dream alive in order for us to live. Life is not granted, but life is given.


Image from Angela Benito from Unsplash


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