Living with Passion Revised

Revised 8/16/2019

You might be around people who don’t share your vision. You might be around people who will put you through hell. You might in situations that make you ponder the quest for life. And you might be around the turmoil that makes life what it is.

The fact is you have to challenge your beast. You have to challenge it with every breath. You have to face every challenge in life with life’s will. We aren’t granted tomorrow and we might not even be granted today so the best thing to do is make the most out of the moment.

We face life’s battles and we have to have that drive to live and screw the script in the head and just live with passion let the words guide you feel what’s in your heart.

Many people are missing this. They have gone through the battle of life and it has left scars. Scars that can’t be replaced and we all caved into addictions from time to time. The fact is we are all human and to be strong and live with passion.

The battle of life has got to live with a heart and a burning passion. We live on a dream and we live for that dream. We live for the moments. We live for the day and we live for the next day and enjoy the moment.

It is that passion. The passion in another. The passion in life that wants us to wake up and embrace life with life’s will. Sometimes we get defeat, but we all have to rise above it and face with will and embrace the battle of life.

We are not granted tomorrow, so the best thing we can do is live with passion and love today.

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