Love Yourself Revised

Revised as of 8/16/2019

I’ve  been watching Infinite Waters YouTube videos and I have to say it has helped me a great deal. Also, the people who I’ve encountered over the past few weeks have helped me a lot to. The fact is they all say you have to Love Yourself and you have to enjoy life and be grateful.

Maybe I haven’t been that grateful with life lately, but maybe I’ve had that spark deep down inside that has me burning for life. Maybe it’s that spark that drives me to do what I need to do. Maybe it’s that spark that makes me live. Maybe it’s that spark that gets me to do the unthinkable.

Hell, with that love for self, it doesn’t make me feel like a few bucks, no, no, It makes me feel like a million bucks. The fact is a long the road I lost track of that. I couldn’t stand being with someone yet I couldn’t stand the person in the mirror. Breakups make you think of this.

Rather then dwelling on the past, we have to appreciate life and the life that has been granted. We have to appreciate those moments that make life real. We have to appreciate everything about us that makes us real.

You have to appreciate yourself and have to face and accept being alone. You have to learn about yourself and love yourself.

I’ve lost track of this, I’ve been grumpy and recently people have seen me grumpy, Who wants to be around a grumpy person anyway. It’s how I’ve been, but the only time in my life that I came alive was shortly before I became sick in the year 2000, I had confidence and I wasn’t afraid to speak to everyone. Then something changed me.

There has always been the me who was grumpy and the me that enjoyed life. I remember when I was a kid I wanted to live everyday to it’s fullest and this was after pain and heartache.

Then I started listened to the lies people told me. You can’t be happy. Why is Joe happy all the time? Why this? Why that? Eventually I believed the lies until I heard more lies that devastated me. Then I started tell lies to myself.

The fact is I’ve got to be willing to say Fuck the lies, Love life and love yourself.

Along this road I’ve comeback many times after defeat and that’s what it was a defeat.

But Dammit my will is strong and my heart is stronger. I will live life to the fullest. I will live life to a burning passion. I will live life as if tomorrow isn’t granted, because it isn’t. Enjoy life and love life. Love Yourself.

Take it from me it’s not too late to appreciate the person in the mirror. It’s not too late to face your dreams and live them and it’s never too late.

The truth is. You face struggles and use all of that pain all of that hardship, all of that agony. Dig down deep and take it out and live. Don’t let the struggles pass you by and fight for life. This is your only wish to Love life and Love Yourself.

2 thoughts on “Love Yourself Revised

  1. Love this message. Infinite Waters has been a huge help in my life as well. Have you checked out Preston Smiles? He has a pretty similar message and talks a lot about self-love and gratitude.

    1. I’ll check it out I heard him talking about it in his YouTube video. I have a lot of respect for him. I found him out later and was told to watch his stuff by a friend and at the tale end of this blog I let my heart guide me to this message. His video has helped me deal with a breakup and to pay respect to his message I wrote this.

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