Your Worst Enemy Is Yourself

As some of you may know I deleted the last post. The fact is on this blog I’m going to talk about an enemy far worse then any relationship, family situation, or job situation and that worse enemy is yourself.

We may be beating ourselves up everyday, why didn’t I do this? I should’ve done that or this. All these thoughts ambush us everyday. And you have to be willing to say Fuck you to them. Pardon my language and I don’t usually curse when I write, but it is the truth.

We worry everyday and even Donald Trump has worries running through his mind, just like me and myself, he and everyone stares at the mirror everyday looking at there worst enemy.

We worry about the decisions we make or haven’t make even though they are just a blur and we hold on to that feeling and mental thought. And it nags us. We could see that we can do better, but we can not. Do to our own feelings we are trapped.

This can cause us to lose loved ones we’ve one cherished or it can cause us to lose jobs. The fact is we can’t let this effect us. We have to be willing to challenge our worst nightmare everyday. We have to be willing to get out of bed and listen to our voice inside our head that says get up. We have to be willing to take all the pain in and move on from it.

Yea, we are all hurting in this world and many turn to addictions for it. I know I was once one and it was a nightmarish situation and I overcame it. The fact is we could either live in regret or drown our sorrow because all hope is lost or we can do something. Or we can join a class. Maybe all hope is not lost.

The truth is we can live in the past or we can see our opportunities that are in front of us. For many of you who saw my Facebook post you saw I was down and life is tough now, it’s why I’m writing this to turn a negative into a positive.

Life is hard, but it’s hard if we don’t challenge ourselves and step out of the comfort zone as a friend told me. This is one way of looking at it.

Image: John Felise


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