The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? Is it to work your life away? Meet? Or is there something more? Is there a world that we don’t know about guiding or every move?

Recently I’ve been thinking about these questions. What happens when we make a lot of money, when there are others parts of the world fighting for resources. I’m not sounding Socialist, but more humane. It is our job to take care of our fellow people.

Every time I see the political race it sickens me and I don’t know what worst the candidate or the people that support the candidate, but it is our society and it’s upheaval. I have not been right since seeing the riot in Chicago after Trump cancelled. It got me thinking of the meaning of life and how much hatred we have towards one another and how much we will stick with our groups and are afraid to hear the other opinion.

We are stuck in this world and repeating the same wars, killing our soldiers and killing other soldiers and vice versa. And these wars are going on all across the world. And since we have become so busy only people we have time for is our family and significant other. If we have time for that. We don’t even have any time for ourselves anymore and time moves quickly.

When your young you think you have everything under control when you are older if you haven’t done anything you live on a sea of regrets. Have you alienated your family on their dying days. Have you alienated your brother or sister? Have you alienated your significant other? Or even kids if you have any?

LifeĀ is full of regrets even money? We work in a system to make money? When there is no even exchange and we do see the value that we have done. Do we feel good when other don’t have enough? Or any we fortunate? Our reward for doing good is money, but our reward should be another persons success.

I might be shooting of the lip know and I am raising more questions. People fade in and out of our life and you just wish you had those moments back, but you can’t have them back and more sea of regret carries on.

Where do we find inner peace? Where is this found? It’s Lent now and Spring is coming. It is a new season or a birth. And we repeat this cycle everyday as we are a world divided. There are people who say something and there are people who don’t listen when they should.

People should listen to the dangers of this world and they never do. It is a sad reality and then there is change, but change is subtle. And when change happens suddenly we are in shock. Maybe this is what happens to all of us as we search for the meaning of life.

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