My Thoughts on Johnny Depp In Chocolat

In this blog, I would like to talk about a movie called Chocolat. This way one of my favorite movies.

Chocolat was about a love story about a lady who opens a candy store that sells chocolate at the beginning of Lent.

She was new to the town and she has a daughter. They both live above the candy store.

She made chocolate and everybody had to guess the other person’s favorite chocolate.

During the movie, the priest comes to tell her not to sell candy because of Lent. This causes conflict between the town and her family.

Later on, she meets a character in the movie play by Johnny Depp. He played his guitar for her to during a few scenes.

During the movie, the lady met a boy, his mother, and their grandmother. Later on the boy’s grandma had passed away. This was a sad scene in the movie.

I liked this movie a lot. It was a good movie to watch around the time of Lent and it made me crave for chocolate at the end of the movie. I recommend someone to watch this movie.

Featured Image by Padurariu Alexandru



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