Starting New Projects with Your Other Half

I am entitling this Blog Title Starting New Projects with your other half because it is a task. In a way, you are teaching them a little bit about your world and there maybe stress involved with the project. So I ask the question Why should I bother with it?

For starters, I am trying to get her to earn what she is worth. She is knowledgeble about Bryan Adams, Johnny Depp, and about cats and dogs. What I am trying to do is get her to write a blog about it. She could also advertise various products from Amazon.

I would support her through posting her blog in places. She can tell stories of her animals and post pictures or post on her favorite actor and musician, but mostly on her animals. However, at times, it might not be easy because even if the other half is eager to learn, they might not share that same passion you do.

On one end you try to encourage them, you see their situation and you know they can do it better. For all, she is just learning Twitter and probably will be better at it than me and she has asked questions about it now she is set up.

There is patience with starting a new project with someone. It can be fun, they might be yelling at you for the startup process, but once she is started up, she will be enjoying what she does.

Life is about enjoyment and you just wish that they would share that same enthusiasm about life at times, you are compromising with that one all the time. In a way, its work on both ends. This is how you get things done. Is it an easy process? No. However, is it the way relationships should work? Yes.

Starting a project could be fun and the fun part is your other half being more successful than you are.

I say this because you want them to succeed in their endeavors. You want them to excel the best they can. It takes a lot of work to build a brand and it takes a lot of effort to start something, but when you give the support that is needed, it goes a long way.

I wish to share this with you because it shows what another person will be working on to build a brand online.



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