My Two Cats Woodruff And Beau

Hi my name is Kim Davideit and I am starting to write a blog. For my first blog I want to talk about my cats Woodruff and Beau.

I had Woodruff and Beau for 13 years and they made me laugh and when I was not feeling good and they always by my side though the goods times and bad times. I found Beau in my Grandma’s garage and Woodruff we got when my uncle past away in 2003. Woodruff was found in the streets in South Carolina and he has always been afraid of Thunder when raining. They are part of my family.

I took this picture of Woodruff and Beau early this morning looking at the birds in front of my house. This rarely happens, but it happened today.

They follow me around the house and they are good company and are my best friends. I love my cats a whole lot.

They like Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats, Original Crunch, 6-Ounce Pouch, Pack of 7 in salmon and tuna flavor they also have other flavors to which I will discuss about in this blog.

I will talk more about my cats in my next blog and let you know what they are doing and I will take more pictures of them so everybody could see them.


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