My Early Stories of High School Pressures about 20 Years Ago

I figure this would be a good time to discuss a little bit about High School pressures and how I dealt with the high school stress. 20 years ago I wrote short writings called The Passage of Joe: The Memoires of Junior Year in High School, which will be released later this year on April 28, 2016 on the Amazon Kindle. In this book, I talked about my troubles I faced in high school such as dealing with peer pressure, self-esteem issues, romance struggles, and trying to gain acceptance amongst my classmates.

High School was a struggle. My Freshman year I was heavily picked on even bullied to get the lunches for the other students. I was a shy boy and I was afraid to stand up for myself then. At the time, I was a new kid in school and I didn’t know a lot of people. I could have stood up for myself, but I was heavily outnumbered. Many in school feel these pressures and face bullying by other students.

Looking back in retrospect, it helped toughen me up for the jobs I did in the future and helped me accept the authority figures of a work setting that many people don’t accept. That leads to another story at another time.

But that year 20 years in high school I started to develop my self-esteem from writing these short passages. I vented out on paper and I got it out of my system and shared it to a few people.

In a way, I became included in the class by starting to act like myself. They enjoyed when I was acting wild and howling. My nickname was “Wolfman Joe” and I lived up to it. However, at the same time I want my thoughts to be approved meaning I wanted to have them know me for me, but I didn’t know how to do it. In a way, it was the struggle that Micheal J. Fox’s character Scott Howard faced in  TEEN WOLF (1985). Little did I know, my classmates went through similar struggles, it wasn’t just me.

I wasn’t the smartest in school or the coolest or the best dressed, but I had passion in my future. I was thinking about one day graduating from College and starting my life.

Since then I faced life, but I’m happy to say I’m doing what I wanted to do since high school and my life has come full circle as I release the Kindle book The Passage of Joe. My very first writings that I did taking it seriously.

My advice for high school students, don’t worry that much about fitting in because when you get to 40 years old as I heard in a Terri Savelle Foy podcast they won’t matter. So focus on improving yourself.

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