Monthly Update for February 2016

The month of January had set the tone of what I will be working on during the year and even though in the beginning of the year I had been working with Earth. We are one. I am now working for myself again with writing. That’s how it is with the writing business.

However, just as one door closes another door opens when it comes to projects. I am working on a new project which I am shooting for a May or June release. I am just working on finishing the book. It will be called The Passage of Joe: The Memoires of Junior Year of High School. Even though I changed some of the names. The writings I wrote remained the same except with commentary during the book. Some of my ideas had changed and I wanted people to know that I did not hold those views anymore. The Original Passage of Joe I wrote was written 20 years ago. This would have been a blog, but it was in notebook form. I’d figure I turn it into a book and I realized I changed a lot.

I am also switching for time being to WordPress as supposed to Blogger. I did not close the, but I am working with WordPress for awhile. I still will be writing wrestling blogs from time to time on my other blog website called. http://thetempleofwrestling.blogspot.comI’d figure I’d make a change for the year. I used WordPress in the past, about 3 years ago, and now I am using it again.

I also have a Podcast on Spreaker that can be found at The Joseph Evaldi Podcast. It can be found there.

Actually this month will be a little up keep working on the different projects such as The Passage of Joe. Maybe if it is done earlier I will have it out by April. That’s about all. I plan on working on older projects and getting them out there. I feel it’s important to move on from the past and clear them up. They were an important part of we were, but we are changed people now and we continue to change. In a way the theme of this year is going back to the past and reviewing what was left from before.

Till Next Time I will talk to you later.

That is where I am right now. Next month I will be back to maybe give you a release

day for The Passage of Joe: The Memoires of Junior Year of High School.


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