What I did during Blizzard Jonas? Clean Clutter

What to do during a Blizzard? I’m not talking about shoveling because there is one day dedicated to that. I’m talking about being in the house the whole day, can’t go anywhere. Stuck in the house what do you do?

This is the question many people faced this weekend. This is something I was thinking about to as I was busy cleaning the house. And this is a good time to round up the things you don’t need any more and try to sell them when you have money to ship or when conditions are better.

This weekend is full of that. I am dedicating this year to making the house better. Because you know the saying once the house is in order, your life is in order.

As Terri Savelle Foy said in her podcast it takes an hour to find and search for missing stuff a day and also she said you need to finish what you start.

There is some merit to that. In any project you must follow through and complete it to finish. Many times me included start many projects, but only finish a few.

Working a project to completion is one step to a better life. And with the storm that just hit the day before was a good day to work on some of that clutter. And by Spring time that clutter will start being freed.

This seems to be the year to dive into the archives of the past and finally making a decision to part ways with it. Rather its item you’re holding onto, old family items of members who are long gone and items held on for nostalgic purposes. These items you have to make that fateful decision to part ways with as I’ve said.

Even though they can’t replace your memories with them, these items can be used to create new memories.

Sometimes we hold onto items long enough and we don’t want to make that decision. As a result, they clutter up the house and we are trapped in junk. I am somewhat guilty of this to, but I am working on it every day now.

This is what I did during Blizzard Jonas and I don’t regret it. Many times we don’t have the time to do things, but if we do it a little bit at a time. We can part ways with my junk.

In my last podcast I talked about the idea of releasing old memories at spreaker.com.

And then you are forced to make a decision the next day to shovel snow. That is another choice we wish we didn’t have to do. But if you were in New Jersey, you did Sunday.



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