What am I Grateful For? The past 6 years.

Even though this might change as to what I will use this blog for, I’d figure I’d do a stroll down memory lane when three years ago I did a blog called What am I Grateful For?

Gratitude is very important and as we go through our memories. And I’m just going to scratch the surface in this blog.

The past 6 years I have met people, been around friends who kept me writing with my passion. I didn’t know what I was capable of until last year hit. It has been a fun time and I guess that is why I am grateful for fun to.

I had moments in the past 6 years with my significant other that would last a lifetime and although I am busy with my work. I take a few minutes out to be grateful for her. Here is the blog I wrote about her 3 years ago. josephevaldi.net.

And being busy all the time you begin to appreciate things like home and family. You enjoy your home and rediscover the places in it that you only passed by, but enjoy it once again.

You appreciate your family, who despite the many arguments through the years has your back. Here are two blogs I wrote about my family three years ago. One with my brother is here josephevaldi.net and one for my parents is over here josephevaldi.net.

Even though the past three years have been a blur. I do appreciate the encounters I’ve had. Rather it has been at work, The Coffee House, or it’s been the encounters of my friends for a little while where we catch up on things with our busy schedules. I appreciate these moments.

You don’t realize how much you appreciate them when you don’t see your friends around as they were before. And it’s those same friends you meet up again as you are ready to pass on from this place.

This world moments may pass you by that is why it is important to be in the moment and make everything about the moment as was said in the Peaceful Warrior (Widescreen) movie.

Sometimes we take for granted the events that happen in our lives and we treat everything as a race. Sometimes we have to slow down and look back to appreciate what we have.


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